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  1. Right rhank you. Is there any templates ? I did call ICO again to get through to another representitive and he stated 2 things 1- either keep paying it 18 then let them know there's been inaccurate information 2- write to them in post as you's have stated but then ofcourse the contract would be cancelled leaving him with no phone etc. And my credit has been ruined due to ex debt from little woods etc.. So not sure how to go about it
  2. Have never met someone so useless in my life. called ICO and they said just contact Three in writing and nothing else. No idea what now to do.
  3. Okay thank you for that. What would I tell the ICO? That he also inputted a incorrectDOB?
  4. Okay thanks. But how has a credit file been created at 17? And shown up as him being 19? Also I'm not sure what reason he can do so to him entering a wrong DOB and not realising ? Also do this all in writing ? So He will have to keep paying till He gets a responce. My friends a solicitor so might try have a chat with him. so will there be any criminal charges.. also will I defiantly not affect his credit do I call ICO now or after ? And thanks sorry for all th questions.
  5. Yes and no as he wasn't aware he would get accepted but then he did use a incorrect date of birth by mistake...as stated its been a few month now so not sure how to go about it. As It was shown up on Noddle that he has credit but with the incorrect DOB. So what would you suggest, should he wrote to Three stating there has been a mistake and just realised but then questions would arise on how he didn't realise etc. I just don't know how to come about it - alternatively could try to transfer it through To my name and then tell him?k I don't know what the best solution is ?
  6. Yeah that's what I mean but what about when he tries to apply for credit when he is actually 18+ won't it flag up when he uses the DOB he actually is. Also to that if he was to cancel would he just tell them and it won't affect his credit for the future.?
  7. Right okay thanks. So what actually should he do? Keep going with the contract or cancel it? Surely a new credit file will be created when he turns 18?
  8. No it was Three (3) he gets awful awful signal all the time and im sure they'd just cancel it free of charge but needs it removed off his credit score. For future. he doesn't mind paying it now but it'll oribbaly affect his credit availability in the future when he tries using his real DOB and it flags up or something
  9. Okay. I see. Won't they have phone call records though when he had to pass Dpa. Saying that I used to work in in EE and they only held the recorded conversations for a few days. Won't it be advisesble to just call up instead? Yeah that's what I thought he wouldn't of had credit at 17 but he went into Noddle and used the date of birth provided to three and that came up. As obviously 1997 isn't avaikable get as he's not 18 yet.
  10. Hi everyone. My son had took out a contract earlier this year and he is 17, he's been paying on time it's not defaulted or anything. He had used the date of birth 1995 instead of 97, by the time we realised it was too late as the phone had been used. Now surely the mobile phone company Three should've done a more thorough search. he's extremely stressed that it'll effect his future credit when he applies for more credit but using his real date of birth won't it flag up or anything and be like whys there 2 DOBS etc. Ahe signed up to Noddle using the date of birth he used and it has come in and been registered in his name that three and him and a contract etc and the age he used. But he credit score is 2/5 which worries him more as he doesn't want to cause any detrimental effects to his future when applying for credit. What solutions do we have here ? Do we tell the mobile phone provider and they'll cancel it and remove it from his credit file, or just keep paying it then when applying for more credit what'll happen? Cancel it when he turns 18?? No idea. Thanks everyone.
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