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  1. You're quite right alfiemac - the law states the maximum that can be charged. It's perfectly within the bailiff's gift to charge you less. Not that they will.
  2. Anyway, the creditor is technically the one liable for any VAT, as the bailiff is providing a service for them, not the debtor. The creditor is free to reclaim the VAT.
  3. Why are relying on CAB? I thought you were a bailiff? Anyway, without VAT, £1300 debt; 1st visit = £190 + 7.5% of £300 (£22.50), total £212.50 2nd visit = £495, nothing more can be added Removal/sale stage = £525 + £22.50, total £547.50 Not sure where your figures come into it.
  4. Hi again. Bailiff knocked again this eveing. Told him about his locksmith lie , told me i was wrong and online advice Ive been told is wrong. Told him i was sorting it with the council. As i closed the door he pushed it open again said he could easily push me out of the way who would know his word against mine. Said he could look through the window and see what he wanted to take. Like to see him try, my flat is upstairs!! Fool! Said he'd be back tomorrow morning with the locksmith and police so i better have the money. Why do they have to behave like this?? I have phoned the council was tol
  5. lookingforinfo , that is pretty much spot on. No he didnt get in and theres nothing outside. I have a bicycle locked in my back yard, he cant take that can he? I use that to get to work. Should i just carry on paying the council?
  6. So why does he say hes coming back with a locksmith. I know they can lie Ive seen the programmes and youtube. What should I do if he comes back? I dont want my son being here when he does.
  7. I knew about the liabilty order but not the bailiff. No notice of enforcement i can recall, certainly nothing with Marston on it. The debt is 410 it was 490 but Ive paid 80. No benefits I live alone but i have a son who visits most weekends and sometimes after school, hes 9. Im not disabled.
  8. Hi all. Didn't know what else to call the thread!! LOL. I had a bailiff at my door yestrday afternoon for council tax, i owe 410 quid, the bailiff has now said i owe 720 quid, wtf. I had been trying to offer the council some payments but they wanted more, offered 40 pound a month they wanted 120. I cant afford that. The bailiff wants the whole lot. Phoned the council they said its too late Ive got to pay the bailiff. Well seeing as the bailiff was a loud rude bully I have no intention to pay him. Told me he will come back with a locksmith and take everything i own. Then said it pr
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