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  1. Hi again, I have received a further letter from Restons this week. Similar to their previous one asking for me to remove my defence. I would appreciate if you have any further advice of what I should be doing. Many Thanks Sorry for the delay .Please find pdf attached. Thanks
  2. I am starting to receive phone calls from Restons which I have ignored. Should I listen to what they got to say?
  3. Hi All, I received letter from Restons today regarding my defence,see attachment. They are asking me to withdraw my defence or they will apply for my defence to be striken out. Also what do they mean when they say Legal costs to be paid on a 'contractual indemnity basis'? please advise as your help is always really appreciated.
  4. Any advice on the letter from Restons would be greatly received. Also should I be sending a SAR request ? Thank you all.
  5. Hi All, I received letter from Restons today. see attachment please advise. Also I emailed my embarrassed holding defence today.
  6. Hi All, thanks your replies . I got till friday which is a bit of relief. I have read through a number of restons threads which relate to credit cards and loans. I did come across a thread regarding a current account which was statute barred. Sorry to ask but can anyone send me a link which deals with no paperwork/ holding defence with regards to current accounts and overdrafts. I've been through a few embarrassed defence threads which again deal mostly with credit cards. Thanks your help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all, in a panic. The issued date on the claim is actually 11th November 2014. Do I have 28 days plus 5days to enter defence or is 28 days?? Is that working days ?? Is tomorrow the 9th the last day to enter my defence? Also can you help me with my defence as Restons are stalling with my cpr request which I signed and resent.
  8. I need to put in my defence and Im concerned about their delay tactics. Is it best if I sign and resend the returned CPR request?
  9. Hi All, I have received a reply from Restons regarding my CPR request. Their letter is asking me to provide a signature to my request so they know they are dealing with the correct person. They say failing to do so they will not provide a response or acknowledge receipt. Do I have to provide my signature?
  10. Hi DX, I have sent the CPR 31.14 request. I forgot to check if I needed to send a postal order? I have been online on moneyclaim and i'm not sure if I have to complete AOS or the defence section? Thanks
  11. Thanks andyorch, ill send them the 31.14 and notify the court I intend to defend the claim. Can you please tell me what the difference is between county court business centre and county court bulk centre? Thanks
  12. Hi, thanks for the link. As I understand it I only need to fill in form CPR 31.14. Are there any other forms I need to fill in and send?
  13. Hi, I am hoping someone can advise me can I defend or challenge County Court Claim N1CPC issued by Restons Solicitors on behalf of Cabot Finance on 10th November 2014. The claim is for £10k overdraft on a gold current account that was originally held with Lloyds TSB. I am in this mess because I was made redundant from my Job, diagnosed with depression and unable to work for two years. At the time I opened my account in 1995 I had an overdraft facility of a few hundred pounds (£200). The facility was supposed to be reviewed every two/three mont
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