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  1. So by that would that mean the original signed document passed over to them ?
  2. Thats very good news! I will request a CCA i think, since this debt was back from when i was 18 and a student even the most organised people don't keep quite so many details that far back ... maybe i should have but i wouldn't know where to start now. The CCA agreement will then state what . . how long they may challenge me for the debt . . does this count even though its been sold on ?
  3. Thanks for the Reply! Well, The drop off date is next month . .. it actually states this on the credit report. But on the side panel - i use check my file. There is the monthly update of the account that that agency holds for you and i noticed that they listed it as Default this time Last year. I will wait till the end of the year and if it hasn't dropped off, then yes you are right i will file a complaint. Cheers on the input, much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I am new here but been reading a lot of helpful info and thought id post my own question for clarification. I have a default on my account ... (as is the way when you are young and stupid ) anyway it is about to close and drop off my file this month and next. I read here that accounts drop off after the last listed default. There is one account i have default registered 2008 - first one but there is a debt collectors agency registering a default somehow ... last year ... i am viewing this via a credit report that gives the monthly status of the account and goe
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