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  1. So by that would that mean the original signed document passed over to them ?
  2. Thats very good news! I will request a CCA i think, since this debt was back from when i was 18 and a student even the most organised people don't keep quite so many details that far back ... maybe i should have but i wouldn't know where to start now. The CCA agreement will then state what . . how long they may challenge me for the debt . . does this count even though its been sold on ?
  3. Thanks for the Reply! Well, The drop off date is next month . .. it actually states this on the credit report. But on the side panel - i use check my file. There is the monthly update of the account that that agency holds for you and i noticed that they listed it as Default this time Last year. I will wait till the end of the year and if it hasn't dropped off, then yes you are right i will file a complaint. Cheers on the input, much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I am new here but been reading a lot of helpful info and thought id post my own question for clarification. I have a default on my account ... (as is the way when you are young and stupid ) anyway it is about to close and drop off my file this month and next. I read here that accounts drop off after the last listed default. There is one account i have default registered 2008 - first one but there is a debt collectors agency registering a default somehow ... last year ... i am viewing this via a credit report that gives the monthly status of the account and goes back a number of years. I have not tampered with this account i have not given reason for them to move things or the clock to start ticking again .. My question is . . that default they registered last year .. . does it start the clock again on it or does it go off the original .. thanks in advance for reading my blurb and apologies if this isn't in the right forum . .. kinda lost on navigation.
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