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  1. Please can someone tell me what I need to do in order to take Capital One to court. Have sent all the letters including the one before action. Thanks, Ian
  2. hi all,i have sent the letters to capital one upto and including letter before action. this morning a letter arrived from their solicitors offering me a last chance offer.while this reduces the debt i still feel this is not fair as it was there charges that startted this.also capital one made exactly the same offer 6 weeks ago. i declined it then. so my question is do i fifight it and actually take them to court?and if i do will i win? or do i pay it off at £10 a week for ages? thanks, ian
  3. hi all,i have been fighting with capital one with regard to charges.have sent the first and second letter and was just about to send the third.but in todays post was a letter from them offering to reduce each charge to £12 instead of £20.altough this reduces the bill i would still have a fairly large debt.can anybody offer me some advice as to what to do next?do i keep fighting:) or do i accept the offer.thanks for all your help. cheers, ian
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