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  1. Enjoy the month off signing! Spare an Xmas thought as you log on for 2mins to UJM in your little jimmyjams for those of us who have to do MWA EVERY DAY except Christmas/Boxing Day!!! I got a min.wage job last week to avoid the slave labour 9-5 placement 3hrs round trip from my home, but because my job is zero hours contract and they can only commit to 3 hours this week, unknown amount next week (but certainly less than 16hrs) then if I want to get ANY money before my first paycheck at end of Jan, I must keep signing on, jobsearching AND going to this MWA cluster***k! Pity poor Tiny Tim as
  2. My understanding is that a birth certificate and a council tax/utility bill showing your name and address dated within the last 3 months should be as acceptable in place of a passport. Perhaps look on the Border Agency website to apply for an emergency passport (they charge for this), then print out the receipt and take that along with birth certificate.
  3. If you are a UK citizen and have returned here to live with your partner for the past 16 months without needing to claim anything, then I don't see what the govt. issue would be. Have you and your partner suddenly become "disabled" or have you run out of money?
  4. Sure, but prove it! (that's my point)
  5. This sounds a bit strange "Crafty". Do the HB rules mean that my rich uncle who owns 3 properties outright, in London, can let me live in one of his empty properties then charge me the maximum HB allowance rent, then we split the payment 50/50? Surely this can't be right? Lovely deal for us if it is though...
  6. Hi, I've got another question, if you don't mind, please. Recently I changed my JSA claim to another council (rapid reclaim, although no break in signing on). I had a liability order for unpaid council tax and a budgeting loan being deducted each week from my JSA. Both stopped being deducted when I changed council. I've now sorted the issue with the council tax, thanks to some of the advice received on here. But the DWP has also stopped taking my deductions for a budgeting loan I had in August. I owe the money and will pay it back, no question. But can "they" (DWP/COUNCIL) get a li
  7. Hello Pcombo, I can't really offer any advice but as someone who suffers from a crushing social anxiety, all I can say is that for me the worst thing is giving in to it. I went through a course of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) in 2012 and it helped me a bit - but not like people would have you believe as some sort of magic wand. BUT, it really did help me get a handle on my panic. Tell your GP that you DEMAND a referral to CBT and don't take "no" for an answer. It's not a fashionable view on this forum, but when it comes to anxiety the worst thing you can do is just give in to it and
  8. Thanks for advice folks. I'll phone council tomorrow and see what's happened.
  9. Thanks Chester, but touch wood I think I've got a job now (find out tomorrow!) So, this whole MWA crapola can be avoided. If so, I'll then have to worry how I can survive for a month with no JSA till I get paid! But, one problem at the time for me at mo, cross that bridge when I come to it!!
  10. PS/ the old liability order was over a year ago, I've no paperwork, no idea what my council tax ref number was or anything.
  11. Do you think I should contact DWP and ask why deductions have stopped, or phone old council and explain that I'm still signing but in a new part of town? My concern if I phone council direct is that they might say "well, you started a new claim (?) with new council, it was your responsibility to let us know, not DWP to continue taking deductions, it's now with bailiffs, etc" (I'm catastrophizing here, but everything's so bad in my life at the mo, this is just how my luck will go)
  12. Hi, I got a liability order for unpaid council tax last year. The arrears were £70, but then they added court costs of £120 for liability order (great!) So I owed £190 which I was informed by letter they'd take each fortnight from my JSA. This deduction has been coming off since around January, but I recently changed the London Borough I sign on and for the last two JSA payments they haven't taken any deductions (and I've been paid full JSA). I've read horror stories over on the Bailiff forum that councils don't need to contact people anymore but can just send in the bailiffs incurri
  13. Yeah, I used to read the Daily Mail too. Never actually MET one of these "some" though.
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