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  1. Just an update - so far I have not received any further communication from AS Parking!!
  2. Thanks for the info, so as 35 days has elapsed and they haven't provided me with a POPLA code should I now write telling them they have not followed correct procedure by not providing POPLA therefore registered keeper is not liable or should I just wait and see if they write to me again and then follow up with letter saying above??
  3. I'm a bit confused re timing of POPLA code issue - when does the 35 days run from please?
  4. Do I continue to wait and see if they supply me with a POPLA code ?
  5. Don't know what I'm doing wrong! Have done Go Advanced - manage attachments - right click on image and choose convert to Adobe pdf - nothing happens!! Help ??
  6. Sorry, having problem with converting to pdf. Have saved a copy of photo on my desktop and converted it to a pdf but when I try to attach it to a message on this forum it won't let me insert pdf files ??
  7. I think the signs they are referring to are the ones at the entrance to the car park. The driver did not take any notice of these as there has always been an attendant's hut with signs on - pay on arrival and take ticket off attendant. Parking was free at night and free 24/7 all through the winter until last year when they put the meters in. The driver couldn't have entered into any contract as he was not aware that conditions for parking had changed and therefore didn't see the signs above the meters either. Shall I try to take a better photo of the signs within the car park?
  8. Sorry, meant to put this one on. This is the sign over the pay box.
  9. Sorry for the delay but here is a close-up of the signs at entrance to the car park.
  10. Thanks ericsbrother; with regards to the POPLA code does it matter that I have not actually asked them to provide one? I will drive down tomorrow and take a close-up photo of the signs and upload on here.
  11. The signs are on the attendant's box on the left of the entrance.
  12. Hi, here is my photo taken tonight of the entrance to the car park. I can't see any mention of keeper liability under POFA 2012 either on this letter or on their Notice to Keeper letter.
  13. Hi, I have today received a letter from AS Parking essentially saying that in their opinion the charge notice was issued correctly and has therefore not been cancelled at this time. One paragraph says "By parking a vehicle in the manner in which it was observed (intentionally or otherwise), you contractually accepted the charges detailed; unfortunately there is no legal basis to now reject a charge that you have already agreed to pay". I don't recall agreeing to pay anything! They also include a photograph of the entrance to the car park showing Pay & Dis
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