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  1. OK so after a whole lot of delays and excuses from the dealer, the car still isnt fixed and my old car has been sold at auction. He did tell me yesterday that the car would be fixed and he would ring me this morning. I have left it till 13:00 today to ring him for an update, and his phones have been going straight to voicemail all day. Im so annoyed, its been 8 days since I purchased the car and I have been left without one! So what would you do? I am giving him till tomorrow to call me back, then I will ask for a refund in full over the phone. Or I go through the credit card company using section 75. Do I contact the police?
  2. The dealer does seem to be trying his best, and they have been pretty helpful and open about whats happening. They are fixing the car for free because it came with a 6 month warranty and I had only driven the car for about 40-50 miles before returning it. I get conflicting advice on what I should do, people tell me either to take my money and run or to wait it out and see. EDIT: How is it not their fault that I had to get a train? I traded in my working car for a broken one, simple as that really. My old car was being MOT'd so they said I couldnt take it in the meantime.
  3. Update: They have now rang me to say they have replaced two sensors but this hasnt cleared up the problem. They have now ordered a new fuel pump and are fitting it to the car, it should be ready next week. I think Im definately going to have to ask them for a refund now, its taking the proverbial a bit.
  4. Hello, Ive just signed up because I need some advice. I went to view a car and took it for a test drive, its a 2006 Ford Focus 1.8TDCI with 80k miles on the clock. During the test drive it was fine, so I put a deposit down on my credit card for £250 and me and the dealer agreed a trade in price for my current car. I went away to sort insurance out on the car etc and to get all the required documents to part exchange my car. On Monday 10th, I took my car down and paid the remaining balance on my credit card, the cars total price was £2,675 after the part exchange. I started to drive it home and saw that the engine warning light had come on, pulled over and restarted the car and it went away but everytime I would change into 3rd it would come on. Then things got worse, it wouldnt go above 50mph and definately has some fuelling problems. I have taken it back to the dealer and they are working on it right now, but I am now without a car and thinking of asking for a full refund. What are my rights in this situation? Im currently out of pocket with:- 1. A 3% fee charged on the balance of the car on my credit card which is about £75 2. A return train ticket to and from the car dealer so I can go back down and see the car when its fixed. 3. Admin fees from changing my car insurance policy 4. Public transport costs getting to and from work while I am without a car 5. A "non refundable deposit" which surely I can get back because the car is not fit for purpose 6. £15 of fuel it drank when driving for 30 minutes 7. Can I get my old car back?
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