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  1. Thank you to Bankfodder for your extremely positive attitude and information stance. It is greatly appreciated. My natural nature allows for listening to the other side, but in this instance I know that I am just an inconvenience for BG and EON and they wish to grind me down with their slow procedures. I will investigate and source a qualified electrician to place a check meter at the property then follow your guidance accordingly. May I ask a question? If I follow your procedure do I have to wait until I exhaust the two weeks of formal complaint, then the following 8 weeks before deadlock before advising that I am proceeding with forward towards county court?



    Thank you to dx100uk for your input, it seems that you were satisfied very quickly, which is great. Any further opinion from you would always be welcome.



    Kindest regards

  2. In response to Bankfodder - I am based in the North West, South Lancs location, apologies for not answering first time. I have thought about confirming my thoughts on the process, the heart of sleeve mentality sometimes works, doesn't it? Outlining my intentions in the past seems to fall on deaf ears, like "they have heard all before" mentality, idle threats etc etc.With regards to an independent check meter, I genuinely am struggling to find anyone that can offer that as a service! Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    In response to dx100uk - great that you won! I guess you didn't exhaust the official process of complaint and settled with the acceptable range with regards to the complaints process. Did you ask for a check meter?



    Once again, thank you for your interest.



    Best regards

  3. Thank you Bank Fodder and once again rebel11. The Meter Accuracy Test Report was completed by a BG engineer, the report is on BG paperwork, the engineer was in a BG van and wore a BG uniform, not very independent I thought!



    I forwarded a copy of BG meter test accuracy report to EON to confirm the failure.



    Do I have to exhaust the process of complaint before heading to small claims court?



    Thank you both for your interest.



    Kind regards

  4. Thank you for your welcome and answers Rebel11, greatly appreciated.



    To kindly answer your questions, BG offered me an instant credit to the account, nothing more nothing less, I very politely acknowledged but declined. I have acknowledge the figure which they have presented but advised that I will require time to seek other opinion before accepting their derisory offer.



    EON have been forwarded BG Meter Test Accuracy Report with their findings (I already understand via EON that the procedures for testing a faulty meter are different to BG!) I hope I have done the correct thing here? The information was forwarded via email.



    We are in contact with both companies, full logs of conversations are being noted, times, dates, names and points of conversations noted.



    With regards to SAR request, do I have to naturally exhaust the correct procedures of complaint before I forward the letter??



    Thank you kindly.

  5. Hi Forum.



    I am currently a BG customer, for three years, prior to that EON for a additionalr three years. Myself and my better half live in a tiny two beds (chocolate box) cottage, single fuel (electricity), No gas main, multi fuel stove burner which keeps the house reasonably warm in colder months.


    For many years we have always disputed and questioned the high costs with both Utility companies. After many years of being made to feel like we are going mad, and with the suggestion from both companies "are you sure you want to go-ahead with the meter check, it will cost you if you are proven wrong" attitude by both EON & BG we finally decided to proceed with a meter check, we were advised that this check would be via an independent! It was actually carried out BG themselves.



    Results - The engineer who attended professionally used the phrased "goosed" to confirm that as we had suspected over many years, the box is fast running.



    BG took over a week to acknowledge this and the reaction to resolving the faulty equipment has been disappointing, enough for me to ask for senior member of staff to deal with the matter. BG have now offered a monetary value, zero interest applied, no additional compensation applied, just what seems to be monetary payment with regards to over payment (I do not know the formula used to calculate their offer?)



    EON initial response was very professional to begin with, but now the worm has turned and they have become some may say, quiet bullish in their opinion.



    I am aware of the complaints procedures that I have to follow, I have logged a case reference with CAB, I will use the 14 days period of notice, followed by an additional 8 weeks if I am not satisfied with conclusion. Thereafter the ombudsman directly.



    I have been advised not to let the faulty meter be taken away, this advise actually came from the regulatory body who will determine further checks on the meter if we fall further into dispute with our current suppliers, I understand that meter examiners are employed by SGS and a point of contact here advised at no costs let them take the meter until we are satisfied fully with the outcome of dispute. The same kind contact advised me that beware that on the day, if the meter happens to perform correctly then it may not work in your favour!!!



    So right now I am confused about how best to approach this case! once I have exhausted the official process of complaint with the energy companies;



    Q can I claim compensation in excess of what would be the standard overpayment due to the fast running meter?



    Q are we entitled for interest to be applied to any overpayments made?



    Q should I allow the meter to be replaced?



    Q should I request a checking meter sit side saddled to my current meter?



    Q is their a maximum claim applicable to this kind of case and can I use effect on lifestyle (true) etc etc to make my claim for compensation stronger?



    Sorry for so many questions but I am now feeling a little bogged down with different opinions, at least BG by offering a figure is acknowledging the faulty meter. I look forward to the forums responses.


    Kindest regards

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