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  1. Question - Is letter of complaint acceptable via email? Or scanned letter of complaint via email, or does the correct protocol revolve around hard copy letter forwarded via post. This questions is in general and also applies to my SAR request! Kindest regards
  2. To Bankfodder - Thank you for your speedy response. Greatly appreciated. I will keep you updated with my progress. Kindest regards
  3. Hi, may I kindly ask a question with regard to the check meter. Is the definition of a check meter, "just another meter that side saddles the faulty meter" ? Check meter is not a specific piece of equipment that requires specialist installation? Kind regards
  4. Eversir - thank you for your input. Using the image as guidance I would say that it doesn't have one! But I will certainly embrace your advice. Rebe11 - Am I being dumbm CPR (means?). Thank you. Kind regards
  5. Thank you kindly Bankfodder. I will allow for the discussion of allowing them both the opportunity to offer a reasonable payback package, encompassing overpayment, plus interest (8%!), and compensation. I guess that this will be met with disapproval, but in some ways if I do not ask, one wont get!!!!
  6. Thank you to Bankfodder for your extremely positive attitude and information stance. It is greatly appreciated. My natural nature allows for listening to the other side, but in this instance I know that I am just an inconvenience for BG and EON and they wish to grind me down with their slow procedures. I will investigate and source a qualified electrician to place a check meter at the property then follow your guidance accordingly. May I ask a question? If I follow your procedure do I have to wait until I exhaust the two weeks of formal complaint, then the following 8 weeks before deadlock be
  7. In response to Bankfodder - I am based in the North West, South Lancs location, apologies for not answering first time. I have thought about confirming my thoughts on the process, the heart of sleeve mentality sometimes works, doesn't it? Outlining my intentions in the past seems to fall on deaf ears, like "they have heard all before" mentality, idle threats etc etc.With regards to an independent check meter, I genuinely am struggling to find anyone that can offer that as a service! Any help would be greatly appreciated. In response to dx100uk - great that you won! I guess you didn't e
  8. Thank very kindly. So my next steps should be; - send the SAR - request a cheque meter - wait for the official period of mediation (14 days to respond to complaint, if not satisfied a further 8 weeks before proceeding with small claims court) Is this correct? Thank you once again. Kind regards
  9. Thank you Bank Fodder and once again rebel11. The Meter Accuracy Test Report was completed by a BG engineer, the report is on BG paperwork, the engineer was in a BG van and wore a BG uniform, not very independent I thought! I forwarded a copy of BG meter test accuracy report to EON to confirm the failure. Do I have to exhaust the process of complaint before heading to small claims court? Thank you both for your interest. Kind regards
  10. Thank you for your welcome and answers Rebel11, greatly appreciated. To kindly answer your questions, BG offered me an instant credit to the account, nothing more nothing less, I very politely acknowledged but declined. I have acknowledge the figure which they have presented but advised that I will require time to seek other opinion before accepting their derisory offer. EON have been forwarded BG Meter Test Accuracy Report with their findings (I already understand via EON that the procedures for testing a faulty meter are different to BG!) I hope I have done the correct thin
  11. Hi Forum. I am currently a BG customer, for three years, prior to that EON for a additionalr three years. Myself and my better half live in a tiny two beds (chocolate box) cottage, single fuel (electricity), No gas main, multi fuel stove burner which keeps the house reasonably warm in colder months. For many years we have always disputed and questioned the high costs with both Utility companies. After many years of being made to feel like we are going mad, and with the suggestion from both companies "are you sure you want to go-ahead with the meter check, it will cost you if you
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