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  1. Hello there....It is now about 6.40am and I have been up all night...I have battened down the hatches and bought supplies to keep us going...My car is at my friends house in her drive way...It is actually owned by my ex, so they couldn't take it anyway. I can't think of anything else to do at this moment in time, except to wait it out...it's like a Medieval siege here at the moment...I have however been in touch with a gentleman at the "Council Tax Advisors CIC" he has offered to take my case and said that he will get in contact with my local council (Wrexham) I have scanned and emailed
  2. Hello there. I have heard nothing from you or Rossendales bailiffs until today. The Rossendales bailiff is on my doorstep as I type this message...having come to take goods to the value of the whole debt which is about £1900 in total. I have to get help with this but it seems that I have been forgotten...Any immediate suggesstions??? as time is NOT on my side...I have less than 1 hour. Thank you in anticipation The Loan Wolf
  3. Hello there, I have tried to contact Rossendales about the situation. I have a "pay as you go" phone and I ran out of credit waiting to be put through to the right department. I did initially ask if they would take my number and call me back, but they have not. I cannot call them back until Friday when I can top up my phone. I have had nothing through the post and have heard nothing from the bailiff who came to my house. It has gone strangely quiet. Thank you Ploddertom for all of your help. Thank you all who have replied to my plea for help. I will keep you up dated of events
  4. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has responded to me regarding this situation. Thank you for being there for me and my boys. I look forward to hearing what the site team have to say. You truly are wonderful people.... Regards TLW
  5. Hello there, Thank you again for replying so quickly to my post. In answer. I did let the bailiff in, but he did not make a list of items. He did however look around the downstairs...living room and dining room...and said something like "Those DVD's should fetch a couple of quid" (the dvd's are now whittled down to about 6...ex took majority last weekend) He made no list and I signed nothing. He did leave a piece of paper saying...Quote " Final Notice. For Non Payment of Council Tax. You have failed to pay the outstanding amount below. You need to settle this balance n full immediat
  6. Hello there, The gentleman/bailiff in question came to the door. He said hello, I am from Rossendales. I had a temperature at the time of 102 and was feeling unwell..I asked him in because standing was difficult as I felt so weak. He then told me on the threshold that he was a bailiff. Can I prove this? No...but he has been in the house. Yes my car was on the drive because I did not expect a visit. I had received no letters from Rossendales, if I had I would have certainly responded immediately. He argued that a letter had been sent. I contested his statement and said could he prove that
  7. Hello there, I am very new to this site, so please bear with me if I make mistakes along the way... My dilemma is this...I had a bailiff from Rossendales arrive at my house last week demanding a figure of approximately £1900.00 for none payment of Council Tax for the year 2014-2015. Yes, they want the entire year!. He refused a payment of £200 per week and said that he would give me 7 days to find the total amount or he would take goods to the value...and this is where the dilemma deepens...I do not have goods to that "auctionable" value. He would have to even take the cat, it's that
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