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  1. Thanks. My question is does the seller's description of the car being in 'very good condition' and the car being sold in a private sale, allow for this to be done, or is it a case of caveat emptor?
  2. The V5 acquired date was 08/08/14 and it was registered in his name, albeit with his first name spelt slightly differently to how he had signed the receipt he gave us. Thanks again.
  3. BankFodder, thanks very much for your reply. Are you saying that as the car was described in very good condition and wasn't that we can make a claim for a refund based on this, or have I misunderstood you completely? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for your reply Conniff. We suspected that caveat emptor would probably apply, but thought it wise to check, so thanks for clarifying. I just wondered whether we have an argument to say that the car was misrepresented, as it is inarguably not in very good condition. The ebay number is 321559303381
  5. Thanks for your reply. The car was paid for in cash, so no ebay dispute is possible. Lesson learned!
  6. Hi All, We recently purchased a used car, which was described in the advert as being 'in very good condition'. It was a private ebay sale.. Following collection, it was apparent that one of the door locks was defective, the engine warning light was on and the rear wiper didn't work. The seller refused to discuss the issues with us. My question is, as the item was described in the advert as being 'in very good condition' and yet clearly wasn't, can we use the sales of goods act to claim a partial refund as it wasn't 'as described'?
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