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  1. I'm sorry I didn't make myself a bit clearer. I had a mri scan done which reported a 7mm 4mm full thickness rotator cuff tear, on the back of the scan the surgeon performed an operation, he then reported on my medical records that my rotator cuff was in fact intact. as I hadn't made any progress the phisio refered me back to the surgeon who performed the operation, after several months on the day of the appointment the surgeon sent 1 of his colleagues when I explained to him I hadn't noticed any improvement in my condition he asked me to remove my top clothing and performed the rotator cu
  2. the 2 mri scans have been checked by the registar 2 be 100% accurate. so with there experience they should have known 2 scans couldn't be unreliable.
  3. I am on waiting to get a shoulder transplant because 2 health professional posted on my medical notes that my rotator cuff was in fact was intact, that with the benefit of 2 mri scans posting full thickness tears.
  4. thanks for that creep.after reading my medical records, i decided to appoint a solicitor. when he sent or my records there was a damning letter from the surgeon writing to the surgeon who i demanded a second opinion from telling him the MRI scan i had taken was inaccurate in fact i didnt have rotator cuff tears but hee would do the operation anyway, was if they were celebrating, As i live in Scotland i cant take any further action.
  5. thanks think about it, think your last suggestion might be next way forword. Basicly what it is,,,i read requested my medical records then when i consulted a solicitor when he requested medical records the entry in question was not in the medi records he requested
  6. hi shirli i sent for the medical notes in 2013 when i received them there was damaging notes to the surgeon that sent me for a second opinion, but the thing is i have misplaced the notes, again they have removed the notes before they sent them to the solicitor so i am trying to recover them. I am in contact with the legal aspects team that sent them to me, they havent replied up till now tho.
  7. I am just starting on the road to recover missing medical notes which i received in 2013 after reading them i consulted a solicitor, when he sent for the notes the vital note was missing, any ideas.
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