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  1. Yes the notice of assignment has a different ref. this was sent from slc. That ref has not been referred to since. So should I just continue the direct debit of £10 per month, even though I don't actually know where it is going too? Thanks for all your help with this
  2. Yes the account number is the same on the Erudio letter and Dryden letter, but this doesn't corolla the with the slc letter (even though it is referred to as the "original account number" on the Erudio letter
  3. Sorry I haven't got all the statements, only the last one. I stupidly had a clear out about a year ago and because it was just an ongoing payment without any issues I didn't think I'd need them. But looking at the statement from sept 2013, letter with assignment notice and then letter from drysden all the account numbers are different
  4. Sorry, just to point out, I've not been paying since the CCJ, but for about the last 10 years
  5. I wonder if I could get some advice? Apologies if I am in the wrong place, but just joined so I can try to resolve my problem. This week I received a letter from Drydensfairfax asking for me to complete a expenditure sheet as my student loan has been passed to them. It also says that a CCJ was awarded against me on 11 November 1996 (I had two student loans taken out in 1995 and 1996). I am not aware of the CCJ and would have been when I was living is student accommodation so I assume letters didn't catch up with me. In approximately 2002 SLC tracked me down, probably after I got a mortgage, and I made an agreement with them to pay £10 per month as I was in between work. I have never defaulted on this and the money just goes out direct debit and I every year get a statement. That is the only contact I have from them until March this year when they wrote to inform me my debt had been sold to Erudio. It said nothing was changing so I thought no more about it and the direct debit continued to go out. Then mid october I got a letter from Drydensfairfax saying the loan had been sold to them. I must have been busy when I opened the letter and just skimmed it and took in that nothing had changed. Now the letter today which seems quite threatening. It also says that I can't defer my loan if I wanted to because it is now a CCJ, is that true as I am currently unemployed and if I could defer I would try to? I am want to know what to do next as I am unsure why the threatening letter has come when I am making payments. Could the payments be still going to SLC and not transferring to Drydensfairfax? Do I complete the expenditure and offer to continue to pay £10 (there is a remaining £1375). What can I do about the CCJ (it has never caused a problem when getting mortgages but I will be needing to remortgage soon when my fixed rate expires and don't want it to cause a problem). Sorry for the long post and I hope someone can help me. Thank you
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