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  1. Yeah, i guess but it's really hard not to in my current mental state.
  2. Hi, Im hoping to get some advise on my last WCA. Ive had four assessments at each one the HPC had my ESA50 infront of them, at my last WCA the HPC didnt have my ESA50 infront of her and was looking at my last review via the computer. It makes me worry that the HCP didnt have my ESA50 at all. My WCA was also ended within 20minutes, the HCP then said she had to make a phone call, then came back in to say she has enough information to write her report and not to worry. Is this sosmething i should be concerned about? P.S I was in WRAG for 2 years before being moved into the SG on the third
  3. Thanks again, my 365 days is up in July i assume, because that's when the my a4e program ends, My claim started July 2013. If that's the case will i have to fill out another ESA3 form before my contributions run out? Jeez this is confusing sorry:|
  4. Thanks, i did yes, i have no savings i remember that question coming up. I live with my mum who works a zero hour contract, does that make a difference. So if i gave them that info on my savings etc, do they switch me to income based automatically?
  5. Sorry for the late reply, all so thanks for your input. At least i wont be referred to them again i suppose, but wish i had a crystal ball right now though. Do you know of any schemes they put people on? What forms do i have to get to claim income based esa? When would be the best time to put in a claim for income based, if my credits run out in July.
  6. Hi, id like to ask any of you kind people if you can give me some advice on my situation. Im currently in the WRAG group attending A4E, which ends in July sometime. They have done nothing for me and my condition is still the same. How do i go about claiming income based ESA? So i don't have a gap in payments. All so, if i claim income based ESA would i have to go to A4E again? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for your reply. So my new letters as of two weeks ago no longer comply with those templates you provided. How ever still a bit confused on the matter so if its an invite to attend, doesn't that mean i can notify them i no longer want to partake in work activity's? if i could still get a sanction whats the difference between it being mandatory or invite to attend?
  8. Hi i am currently on ESA in WRAG and been with A4E since July 2013. I was wondering why on my appointment letters it no longer states that its mandatory does this mean i can now choose to go? just strange it doesn't say its mandatory anymore because i know that's not the case if youre in the WRAG. These guys are no help at all Thanks for reading any help is very much appreciated.
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