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  1. The "declared amount" is what me\accountant said is owed. I just had a train of thought that if they didn't know what I owed until I declared it in 2014, it some how doesn't seem fair that I owe interest and fees.... A long shot, I know... but if I don't ask I'll never know....
  2. Hi, In 2014, I filed tax returns for 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13.... Yep, I know I was stupid but at least I'm clearing my conscience and paying them every last penny (last £30k to pay in a few days time through family loans and selling a property). On a self declared basis, I owed them £38,000, now £48,000 with charges for late filing. Until I filed, they had no idea how much I might owe them, they never sent any estimates etc, just letters saying I needed to file. They seem happy that the amount I've filed for (done by an accountant on my behalf). I was told that as the amount owed is a "declared amount" I can't "negotiate" any of the charges. Does anyone know if any of the charges can be challenged and if so on what basis? (not using the rip off accountant any more so can't ask them) Thanks
  3. Wow... this will probably be the shortest thread ever.... I seem to have got it sorted... Apparently Lowell Portfolio is the petitioner. They filed on 22 May 2012 but then withdrew their petition on 19 July 2012. The courts \ land registry never took the application off the land registry. I'm now to go into court on Monday, get a copy of the withdrawal letter (£10 fee) and send it to my solicitor so they can get it taken off. So it turns out I'm not bankrupt. Phew!! The court phone line was very helpful and answered fairly quickly. Thanks citizenb for your offer of help...
  4. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help.... I moved out of my property some 4 years ago but rented it out and I'm now selling it. As part of the buyers checks, and my solicitors checks, I apparently have a bankruptcy petition against me and my solicitors want to know if this has been discharged. "We have noted on the Office Copies of the above property that there is a Bankcruptcy Notice dated 23 May 2012. Please can you provide us with more information of this notice and confirm details of who the trustee in bankruptcy is. Please can you also confirm if you have now been discharged from this notice?" I know nothing about this at all. I'm not bankrupt on the Insolvency Register and I've not been personally served anything, I wasn't living at that address (although I do own it). I don't know what this means! Am I bankrupt?? How do I get rid of this petition so I can sell the property? Help!
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