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  1. the council withheld the information from the traffic management Order, this document would have shown that I had proper permission to stop in the bay for the time I did. They only sent me the document over a year of repeatedly asking them and nearly six months after the tribunals decision. They sent the document to me attached to the same email telling me that they were issuing a charge Order. Its like them forcing me to pay a fine for correctly parking in a disabled bay with a disabled badge. I also feel that the tribunal judge did not have the knowledge to deal with it or deliberately sent it back to the council to make a decision which the tribunal should have made. I had a similar case where another council tried to do the same but the tribunal judge at that time, had the knowledge to deal with it correctly, and that is how I knew about the traffic management Order. I feel the tribunal is supporting the council because they feel ashamed of this but will not do the correct thing same as the council. The tribunal is now aware that the council withheld this document and therefore amounts to lying but wont do anything about it. nx for your reply
  2. I stopped in a loading bay at Hammersmith to load items in my car, their traffic management Order states clearly that "if you are disabled or are injured you can stop for as long as it takes to set down or pick up with your bags/luggage, no time limit. The council lied at the tribunal and refused to give a copy of this traffic management Order. The tribunal Judge referred the decision to the council who still wanted the money from me. The tribunal is aware that they lied but will not do anything about it, I tried judicial review but they said the tribunal had no case to answer so they did not deal with it. I have contacted the ombudsman but they said to write to the council again and have this investigated first before they will deal with it, but the council will not investigate because the tribunal has found in their favor so they still want this injustice to continue. They have now applied for a recovery Order again and I need to apply for a TE7 extension of time in order to have this dealt with by the ombudsman. Any one has any help and or advice? TNX
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