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  1. Thank you for the info. I'll send them a letter on their own appeals section of the website and back it up with a written copy
  2. Hi armadillo It says breach or terms and conditions not contract Does that make any difference?
  3. Parking event 26/10/2014 Letter issued 31/10/2014 letter received 05/11/2014 so 10 days
  4. Hi dx100uk and queensclose, First can I thank you both for your very quick responses - you are little stars DX100UK - They sent the PCN with two cropped photos showing my number plate so I guess they work but I did notice that both are white plates no yellow on the rear of a car and no dealer stamp at the bottom of the plate... funny my dealers stamp is very noticeable on the plate.
  5. Hi dx100uk, I am the registered keeper and this PCN states that on 'date' I was the registered keeper. I guess it was a camera - I did not see one as it was 1am (night) and very dark - this car park has no lighting and its basically a piece of land in a pretty poor state.
  6. Queensclose, many thanks for the quick reply It does say Parking Charge Notice (PCN) in bold at the top of the letter May I ask where I can find this template please
  7. Hi all (I'm new), I am looking for some simple advice re a Parking Charge Notice / PCN I have received today in the post. Last weekend we travelled to Birmingham to visit old Uni friends and left a bar in the Degbeth area around 1am (Note: non-drinker). We received a phone call around 1:25am and the car was pulled into the Euro Carpark to talk on the phone. I have parked here before, around 1 or 2 years ago without any PCN's being issued and no other problems. However, today I received the notice with two different photographs of my car reg. The PCN states that there was
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