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  1. Quite often, a person's tone of voice and their demand together seem to me like they are forcing me to do something. Forced could be a substitute word for bullied. I will consider calling AF again. When that man rang at 11.00 am, I told him to P-off. Haven't heard from him since, but it's early days. I will be moving house in the next couple of weeks and I might get a new telephone number which should end all of this.
  2. That Jennings man can't leave me alone. He's just rang me again just before 9.00 am and after 11.00 am. I am sick of his harassment.
  3. I have spoken to UKash and Action Fraud on the telephone, following on from the online form I filled in for AF. The £225 in UKash slips have been spent which means that I can't get them back again. It frustrates me so much. I will probably go to the bank later to talk about the fraud and the £100 deposit that I was forced to do. I have the AF crime number and the UKash incident number written down. I hope that it will get better from now. I hate being forced into situations that I often don't want to be in the first place. EDIT: That man has rung me again - but I p
  4. I am going to do that this morning. I have got the number written down.
  5. I just have landline telephone at the moment. How do I go about something like compensation? I have a credit card debt to pay, and now I have around £400 in costs thanks to this situation on top of that. They offered a loan, but they blackmailed me into sending money to them instead. I am with Lloyds Bank and I approached them first for a loan. If they had accepted me for it first, I wouldn't be in this mess. I have also contacted my local newspaper. I am sure that my plight would be interesting for readers, and they might even offer support for me. I don'
  6. Yes, that sounds like him. His name comes up a few times on similar pages online as well. I have just completed a Fraud Report form on the Action Fraud website. I know great detail about what happened which should help. I hope that this will get solved and at the very least, get all my money back.
  7. Thank you for the replies. Sorry I couldn't respond earlier but I was having a rest. I am not 100% certain what the company is called, but I believe that it is called Loans 4 U or Loans 4 UK or something like that. I did a Google online and things seemed to match. I have to say that they don't ring bells with myself. The man who I was speaking to said that he was called Peter Jennings (if I am allowed to mention his name). His name seems to match a few things online as well. Unfortunately, I am unable to record the call as I don't have any recording device at
  8. Hello Not sure this in the right forum. I have a very difficult situation here that I want you to help me to solve as soon as possible. I have removed names, companies and numbers for now. I have difficulty paying my credit card, which I have for security reasons, what with a house move and Christmas coming along, it will be very difficult for me, financially. I was so desperate that I have contacted loan companies, one of them has contacted me, I feel very anxious about it. I wonder if you can help me with this. I felt that £2,500 would clear my
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