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  1. l just have issues selling things lol hoarder and live in the middle of nowhere on private estate
  2. also the wife never knew about this car as it was going to be a surprise and she never knew it was in her name i have 6 cars at home and hers was in the back of my garage under cover she would never have seen i am not loaded by the way my most expensive car is worth £1200 which is the one i use the rest are all sorn and if i was to sell them they would equate to scrap value or spares or repair
  3. and surely the calls will be on my bt bill somewhere even though they are freephone
  4. hello anyone i need some advice on how to proceed i was given a car by my mum and i was going to do repairs i registered in the wifes name as it was going to be hers a surprise no less but it was going to be too expensive to fix i got a letter from dvla a tax reminder s called the number to sorn went through the process and thought that was it two weeks later i got another letter to tax or sorn i did process again and thought that was that i then got a third letter stating the same i went through the process all over
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