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  1. Okay, I called them and spoke with their manager. They have confirmed that they made a mistake and I don't owe them anything! They are now willing to release the document that I've requested. Glad to know about statute barred! Thank you.
  2. It isn't a student loan, this is just the school fee from University of Newcastle. I just called my mom about it. She said she remember clearly paying the fee after I graduated. Because she went to the university to collect some letters for me and they said I owe some school fee. She paid it on the spot. I'm guessing they got something wrong. Now I'm worried if they are going to chase the debt. I've not no evidence left. I'm asking my mom to see if she still has the paper bank statement from 2004.
  3. I needed to contact my university to get some transcripts. They told me that I have over £2k+ of fees that I still owe them. This is the first time that I heard about it. I've never received any letters from them. My home address did not change for at least 5-6 years after I graduated and I don't recall seeing any of the letters from them. I don't remember owing them any money at all. Do they automatically expire after a certain amount of time? I've asked for evidence for this. I don't think I've got any receipts for this and my bank statement won't go that far back. I do need t
  4. But the problem is she parked directly under the sign..... The wall is covered with advertisement, so she didn't see the sign posted over the advert. We will wait it out and appeal then.
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]54082[/ATTACH] Mom parked the car here. The black car and got a PCN. Directly under a UKPS sign that says private and no parking. Is there any point in appealing? She wasn't thinking as it was packed with cars and when she got back, everyone got a ticket. There was no markings on the road at all. Also the grace perid of 14 days is tomorrow. She just showed me the ticket and asked me to pay.. sigh
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