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  1. This is the reply I received today. They are still intending to charge early termination fees for which I am extremely frustrated about. As time goes on, I am in a contract for which I have no service and am unable to use my mobile. How is this fair or even good customer service? Thanks for your reply. We can’t issue dead lock letter directly, if you want deadlock letter then we’ll follow our internal escalation process. I understand that you are facing coverage issue on post code: LE113TU and LE33LR. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. Based on your c
  2. Lee or Jen has not been in touch. I have however received an email from customer support asking for more security details such as DOB and Sim card no. Nothing has been done as yet....very dissapointing with their customer service.
  3. Hi there, I would appreciate help and advice on the following matter (please see below). For over three months now, I have lost signal at my work place. I am unable to receive or make calls from my mobile phone. This is not only frustrating but is very disruptive. This problem with the loss of signal has only occurred recently as I used to get full signal on my mobile phone for the last 7 years that I have worked here. I have now phoned many times and have also written a formal complaint letter to Vodafone. To summarise, Vodafone has confirmed that they are having i
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