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  1. Hello, Yes the defendant has acknowledged the claim and submitted a defence (part of which was that the claim cut off towards the end actually). The reason I didn't think much of it at the time was because of what someone on the MCOL helpline had told me, and a second time I rang, another helper told me I'd have a chance to submit documents when/if I was instructed to do so by the courts. The claim has now been transferred to a county court hearing centre for allocation, where a procedural judge will allocate the claim to track and make further directions. It's not a consumer cl
  2. I filed a small claims case online, where there is a character limit to explain the particulars of the case (1080 characters to be exact) I was dismayed to find that when I had finally finished, part of my claim had been cut off. I rang the MCOL helpline asking if this was a problem that would affect future court action, and the man on the other end of the phone told me not to worry, this was for the benefit only of the defendant, so that they would know what exactly I was claiming for, and that if the case went to court, I would have the chance to send in additional documents explai
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