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  1. Thanks Steampowered for your detailed response! - Really appreciate it. He's a complete tool! We went to gather my mother-in-laws recently and he was not cooperative to us or the Police Officer that came to escort. We will have to proceed to getting a letter from the Solicitor to enter the property. We have sent the letter asking him politely to stop however, he's sent another letter this time to my husbands workplace with Affidavit of Fault and Opportunity to Cure basically summarising the Affidavit of Obligation and giving us a deadline of 31 days to pay back the £4 million in com
  2. My husband's step father has taken money gifted to us during our wedding. He was angry that we questioned this and said he would take us to court over money owed to him for a gift he paid for my wife during the wedding. During the wedding his financial contribution was minimal because my husband paid for most of the wedding costs. Since this time he has called us threatening to call my husband's employer and get him blacklisted and also threatened to take us to court by telephone, he then sent us a pre-action letter for £10,000 that was owed to him but did not provide any evidence.
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