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  1. Many many thanks Sidewinder for the clarification. From reading numerous posts I assumed that I probably wouldn't hear anything not because it was only 43p, but because there seems to be a very specific process followed in these cases (unless it involves multiple thefts). This involves being stopped at the time by security, properly ID'd, made to sign a banning letter and then told / given a letter re RLP. As none of that happened I assumed it was unlikely to after the event, especially as CCTV footage unless v v clear is not enough evidence. Further small stores only have CCTV on expensive it
  2. Many thanks Renegadeimp for taking the time to provide the reassurance. And don't worry, I won't be doing this ever again. I've totally learned my lesson
  3. Many thanks. I'm just being completely paranoid I know but reading GrumpyToSayTheLeast comment didn't really help! I'm just rethinking what happened and putting in nuances where there were none. Worst case is a store ban (if that) but seriously, if the Police / Tesco put any effort into chasing me over possibly losing 43p then they all have far too much time on their hands! PS I'm fine not popping into that store for 12 months, because the road near me is now full of other Supermarket Express stores. Apparentely they are the new charity shops on the high street!
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes that's my feeling too. The cashier had time to ask his colleague what to do and still didn't ask for ID or my details. I voluntarily paid with my credit card (total stupidity I know!). In fact he just peeled off the dodgy price label, crumbled it up and threw it in the bin. Further I paid the correct price for the cakes anyway before leaving the store. Plus going through CCTV footage is a real pain over 43p, and that's assuming there is even any footage which clearly shows wrongdoing. When I was nearly assaulted in that same store 2 years ago it tu
  5. Yeah I'm a Tesco Shareholder. It isn't shoplifters costing Tesco money thats the problem, it's the top level management cooking the books of millions!
  6. Many Thanks DX for your response. I've been frantically reading numerous forum posts about this, and it seems that unless someone in the store actually saw you swapping price labels, then CCTV footage simply isn't enough. And that's assuming there is any CCTV footage. From a previous incident in that store where I was the victim of an attempted assault, Tesco admitted at the time that they only have CCTV cameras of the entrance and high value items ie the booze. As I wasn't actually stopped, questioned, the Police called or forced to fill in a form nor hande
  7. Hi, I completely lost the plot this evening. I went to my local Tesco Express (it's attached to a petrol station) and suddenly got a craving for cream cakes. There were some which were reduced but they weren't the one's I like. In a moment of madness I swapped the price labels to not 1 but 2 packets of cream cakes. I took just 1 packet to the cashier along with some other legitimately reduced items. The cashier realised the what I had done I pretended I had no idea what was going on. In fact I went back and grabbed a packet of legitimate
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