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  1. Thanks for reply. Yes, i know, i must notifying HMRC in 14 days - but HMRC page is too complicated - first i need online registration, then i must notifying about car import. Maybe is possible only cancel the Export status, because car was onyl exported, not registered on another country, and them delivered back here, and now i need registrate car to my name. Yes i know, the car dont have TAX, insurance etc, is parked on garage, and not in use. Thanks for information, i must contacting the HMRC.
  2. Basicly, this car was buyed in UK - is originally RHD car, the car have a UK number plates, 63 reg plates. This car was buyed on auction, and i have only Certificate of permanent export. I dont know, the log book is missing, stolen or was destroyed, but when i check this car on online vehicle enquiry, the car have Status marker: yes. Now, i have this car here, in London, i need registrate to my name, i was calling to DVLA, and he told me - i need contacting HMRC for VAT, then i can register this car in UK via DVLA with form, which me delivered from DVLA, but i think, when this car was NEVER registered to another country, i dont need contacting HMRC for VAT. I dont know, what i do ing now Thanks for reply! It is Skoda Superb 2013 DSG TDi CR
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]54018[/ATTACH]sorry admin, now is ok? thank you
  4. Hello, please, i have question, my friend have a car in czech, this car is permanent to export (but have plates, and certificate - see attachment), and now. I have interest for this car, is possible to get back registrate in uk? When yes, how is process? Thank you! Removed by Admin this is certificate of car.
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