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  1. There are previous threads on this subject where claimants have been sanctioned for missing calls from the JC. Have a search Try looking on line just see if sanctions are still taking place.
  2. You get free prescriptions on your 60th birthday and with income based JSA amongst other reasons.
  3. You can complete an online form on the tax office website to check how many years/which years NI contributions you have paid, up to April 1st 2015 and maybe up to April 1st this year although I doubt it.
  4. Does 'Work Trials' still exist? Not for everybody to work for nothing but if it's only for 12 days you still keep your benefits and hopefully they offer you a longer 'paid' contract in the future.
  5. Lots of people on benefits get sanctioned for the most mundane, lame reasons.......even when you wave a download of current law in a JC,s face to prove you are in the right you can still be sanctioned. The good thing is everybody has the right of appeal 'within a set timescale'. Instead of complaining, get your skates on and appeal.
  6. What if you are in receipt of JSA and Housing/Ctax benefit.......do the same rules apply for savings. Thanks Scary.
  7. Thanks for the replies though after seeing IDS on the news this morning it seems WRAG claimants are going to be pushed (and no doubt threatened with sanctions if they refuse) into part time work anyway. There doesn't seem to be many JSA claimants doing job search any more at my Work Centre so they obviously aren't making as much money now from people finding full time work. I suspect Ingeus and all the other companies have been contacting IDS with the only alternative.......(to force WRAG claimants back into work so they (Ingeus and the rest) can get paid. So this time I can refuse to sign
  8. Hey All. I am currently on ESA and have been with Ingeus for 18 months. I have done all the in house courses and my advisor is now banging on about other courses that could help me, with outside providers ie: College courses. There is one course I have agreed to do which is with another training provider (the qualification will help me in the long run). My advisor pulled out this form to sign which was written in 'legal speak' ie: completely incomprehensible to the average person. I told him I don't understand this but he assured me I was simply agreeing to do the course. My 'suspicion rada
  9. Triage are the WP providers for Durham and Teeside.
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