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  1. How should i procced..answering them to the letter or?? Thank you
  2. Very good question...and yes, with a day before, but in that day the machine wasn`t working for real (they know about the problem)...and i made the ticket on train that day..paying the guy
  3. Hello Dx Kindly send me a link to the letter sample you are saying.. Im new to the forum/ Thank you
  4. Here at the Brentwood station there is not barier..you can pass free..even without a ticket, but you risk to get caught. whithout a barier, going every morning to station, happens to not stop and validate your ticket for travel to the machine..
  5. like i said, as an excuse i told them the machine to validate the oyster didn`t work. ..instead of tell them that i forgot.. .i thought this will sound more credible
  6. I told them the machine for validating tickests was broke...as an excuse, but he was very sure the machine was working, and the guy was an [removed] too.. soon as saw i didn`t validated the card, he start threatening me with the prosecution in court, which eventualy he did...
  7. Hello and thank you for answering.. I dind`t used none of them i forgot... on that time like a week before i didn`t even know about wester cards, until someone told me about them..used to make tickets.... My best, HB
  8. Hello Everbody A month ago i got caught without validating my waster card.. .that time i had 2 wester cards with me, one with money and one hithout money.. .Trying to save myself i told the guy the machine wasn`t working from station i got in the train. ..he was really sure the machine was working like he have been there in that morning arround 6am ..after that he asked for my details name, address..etc. Today i received a Prosecution letter saying.. "On tuesday 30 September 2014 at Chadwell Heat station a person giving the above name and address was questioned by a member of rail staff about the payment of a rail fare. All the available evidence is being considered as to whether legal proceding are appropriate. If you consider that there are further mitigating factors that may influence any decision that may be made about this matter you are invited to respong, within 14 days of the date of this letter using the enclosed Freepost envelope. If you wish to make any comments about the incident, please do so on the reverse of this letter. Please ensure that all details below are completed and returned to ensure our records are up to date." From what that guy said, for this kind of prosecutions i can get up to 3month of jail and up 1000p fare... 1. Is it true?? 2. How should i procced further with this letter.? Please reply as you would think is most probably happen in my case, and what would be best to do for me. Thank you
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