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  1. Please do not use Castle Finance. I did, for 24 hours before sending an email and letter of cancellation and only after reading the information on this site. I got my money back minus a £5 admin fee. However I have been inundated with text messages and telephone calls from very high interest rate lenders. Fortunately I can block calls and text messages on my phone. However some of the calls/text appear to be from (on occasion) other "brokers" which strongly suggests that the details I supplied have been passed on (or I suspect from conversations I have had, sold to others). I suspect that there are financial and data protection regularities as a result of what I have witnessed. I strongly suggest you avoid any contact with this company. If in doubt, no matter how much you need those pennies...............get sound advice and do not give out personally identifiable information to anyone unless you, or someone you really trust can vouch for them/him/it. It's just not worth the hassle, sleepless nights, crying etc etc that trying to sort debt may cause you and your loved ones any more misery than the debt is already causing. Good luck out there and scuse the following spe(ee)lling... semper in feacibus sumus, sole profundum variat.
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