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  1. would just like to update this tread picked car up yesterday dealer had a recon box fitted and gave me the guarantee for it . so all in all a good result . thanks for all your help
  2. jus5t a quick one how do i determin what a responsible time is for him to have the car to do the repairs
  3. yeah it makes you think just how many other people he has done that too who just take what he says without checking .
  4. well after speaking to the dealer and both speaking to cab on the phone on speaker cab confirmed what you are all saying and he heard that too from then and still he was insisting that he sold the car as a "trade sale" due to him knocking £500 off the £6000 screen price and writing no warranty. at one point cab where also saying that because it was a trade sale (which there was no mention of and im not even in the trade) that all faults and problems move with the sale ??? but once explained that i wasn't in the trade and i wasn't aware of "trade sale" cab then informed the dealer it is a criminal offence to do something .. and even tho i had signed on a trade sale invoice i can not sign away my statutory rights and that i was still covered by the sales of goods act so either repair the car or issue a full refund even after that conversation the dealer still wasn't playing ball .. but after about half hour of talking and making sure his other customers could hear and see there was an issue he agreed to repair the car . so we shook hands and agreed .. hopefully he will keep to his word but after the week i have had with him i doubt it but lets see i would like to say thanks to everyone who has given advice so far it has been a great help
  5. so the option is let the dealer sort the issue i already no the car needs a recon gearbox what if the dealer bodges it i have the car back then couple of months down the line it breaks again where do i stand then ?
  6. well after days of phones calls and ranting the dealer have said bring the car back and they will fix it , im not very comfortable with this but im guessing i have to give the dealer the opportunity to fix the car . or can i take it get it fixed else where and then bill the dealer ??
  7. and because we haggled 500 off the screen price ?????? so am i not covered by the SOGA ??
  8. brought a corsa cat c repaired (was damaged in 2013 passed vic test) form a dealer who advertised the car as a cat c repaired car obviously price reflected the fact the car was a cat c fully repaired and had an mot in feb and on the road before this dealer got it .. i paid cash for the car garage gave me an invoice on the invoice he wrote no warranty dealer delivered the car to me no issues. car had to be parked up for 2 weeks as i didn't want to lose a month when i taxed it . the day came when i taxed it j umped in car driving around after about 50 miles there was a terrible noise coming from gearbox. took car to be checked the next day at an independent place who gave me the bad news the gearbox was shot worn bearing. called the dealer to explain this and to get this sorted straight away he said no warranty car sold as it is was not prepared to do a thing after numerios calls they finally said they would pay half towards the repairs . . obviously i have looked for advice . and the advice i have been given is the dealer has to either repair the car as its not fit for purpose due to the sale of goods act. and if he refuses then i can reject the car for a full refund , i have said this to the dealer who has said that's not the case as they knocked 500 off the screen price when we was haggling ??? bear in mind this car has only done 70 miles since it left the dealership thats including delivery . HELP any help and info with this would be appreciated
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