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  1. Hello, thanks for reply, yes he attended the court date and they told him he was at fault for not chasing up notification of new owner, they told him it was his responsibility to ensure dvla received the form and that he would hear from them in the post with instruction of how to pay the fine. He never received this. Instead, he got letters from Marston which he ignored as he thought the court were writing to him. I have done some research, would the form N245 stop this warrant immediately, due to hardship paying?
  2. Came home to a letter and notice from Marston Bailiffs. original client was thames valley magistrates court, who issued a fine to my husband from DVLA as they did not receive logbook information of new owner. This has escalated from a £40 fine to Marston claiming they have a warrant of control and will force entry for an outstanding sum of £620.00. Could someone please let me know if they are allowed to force entry for a warrant of control and how on earth did the debt reach £620? Please help as I have no idea what to do.
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