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  1. Okay Thank you, I was looking at their website and saw the court case tab detailing lots of cases, do you think these are fabricated?
  2. Another question, I don't intend to pay RLP a penny but can/will they keep my details on their database regardless? and will this affect me applying for future jobs? Thanks.
  3. To try and speed up their exit would it be worth my time returning their letters unopened saying "not known at this address"?
  4. You said "you wish" what were you referring to? The letter has been binned so unable to upload it.
  5. You lot are great Thank you all so much, very glad I found this website. Any idea how many letters I can expect? They say I have 21 days to pay so nothing else will come until the middle of November, I'm guessing thiswill drag on all over the Christmas period
  6. I have seen on some other threads people being advised to send a one line response to RLP, from what you know, is this likely to get them to back off quicker than simply ignoring them?
  7. Okay I will take your advice of course (no point asking you if I don't) I think it's disgraceful that RLP is allowed to operate as they seem to be simply bullies. I HATE bullies and happen to think they can cause more damage to people than those who steal from shops! I don't condone stealing and I didn't steal anything from that shop when I was stopped. Whilst shops are entitled to use measures to protect themselves from losses if they don't wish to prosecute and the Police don't do anything further than no one else should get involved. I am not surprised
  8. Thanks everyone, I had already read some other threads on the same subject but just wondered if one letter from me explaining that I didn't do anything wrong and wont be paying them a penny would put an end to their correspondence quicker than simply ignoring? or would a reply likely encourage them? thought please.
  9. Hello, I would like some advice please. I had an incident recently in a high street shop where I made a genuine mistake, the overzealous security guard immediately called the Police who asked me to attend the station the following day to which I agreed. I was not arrested and they said it was voluntary that I attend. I did attend the station and after explaining what had happened in the shop I was told that no further action would be taken by them. However I have since been sent a fairly unpleasant letter from RLP saying that the sho
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