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  1. I applied for the gym online so I didn't fill one out I don't think I'll look into it though thank you
  2. I'm not sure how I can pay them as I don't have their bank details, and I'm pretty sure if I go to the gym and try to give them money they'll just turn me away say they don't deal with money and tell me to negotiate it with these muppets. Maybe I'll wait and see what the both say back to me first before I start trying to give them money, I could just write a cheque and post it I suppose?
  3. Hey! I joined Lifestyle Fitness on the 08/07/2014. When Harlands debited my account on the 08/08/2014, I was unfortunately short of money this day and the direct debit was returned. Unaware I received a letter from Harlands days later notifying me that the payment had not gone through and that I would incur a fee on top of the £17.99 direct debit, which I was more than happy to pay for my own recklessness. Unfortunately on the 21/08/2014 Harlands made a direct debit of £30.49 and on this occasion I was short by a couple of pence and my direct debit was returned yet again. I realised immediately and was very embarrassed to find out that this had happened a second time! I contacted Harlands to apologise and ask if it would be possible to arrange for the money to be taken out again. The woman who I spoke to on the phone was very polite, understanding and reassured me that it was fine because I contacted her straight away. I received no more letters from Harlands during September or October. As far as I was concerned money was in the bank and direct debits where set up to come out of my account as they where arranged to be. However, on the 27/10/2014 I received a letter from CRS explaining that my membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent to me. I have not received any letters from CRS it came as a total shock when this letter came notifying me that my account balance was an astonishing £320.13. Confused, I decided to contact CRS on the 28/10/2014. The man who I spoke to was extremely patronising and condescending. He assured me that it was my fault, despite the fact that I had spoken to somebody at Harlands and had arranged for them to debit my account again. I want to continue my gym membership. It is a 12 month contract, I have only paid for 1 month so far! I want to reinstate my direct debit and pay Lifestyle Fitness back for the months that haven’t been debited from my account. The man on the phone explained that I could either pay them £320.13 and be free from my gym contract and that I could set up a payment plan that incurred more fees. £2.50 charge every time I make a payment. Total nonsense. I explained I didn't want to leave the gym and he said that it would cost me £44 per month instead of £17.99 per month. Again total nonsense. I am appalled at how quick CRS have been to add their admin charges without warning! When I explained to the man over the phone that I hadn’t received any letters previous to the one I received on the 29/10/2014, he told me that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t notified anyway and that I still had to pay the fee because it was my fault. I found this obnoxious, rude and pretty unfair seeing as though I had actually made an effort immediately having realised payment hadn’t went through and was mislead into thinking that another direct debit had been set up. I have decided not to discuss anything further over the phone and I have written out a letter explaining this that I will send by recorded delivery to both Lifestyle Fitness and CRS/Harlands or whatever they decide to call themselves tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has any advice they can give me I'm only 21 and I've never really dealt with anything like this before! Thanks Roxanna
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