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  1. Well after 8 months of hell from CITI. Today I have a letter of offer for £3700!!!!! I have been told on many forums that as Citi weren't regulated in 2001 I had no chance of getting my money back. I had a complaint lodged with the Financial Obudsman and didn't have much hope. I had been bombarding CITI with emails but hit a brick wall. Then last week I searched the internetand found a Director at Citi. I realised that all of Citis email addresses ended with @citi.com. So I emailed this person and as the email didn't bounce back I assumed somebody had read it. Well couldn't believe it
  2. Well had ANOTHER call to Citi today and spoke to team leader at PPI queries. He told me that when they sold my Hire Purchase to Welcome that Welcome accepted all liabilities including the PPI AND gap insurances. Is this true do you think???? Also If it does go back to Welcome could I claim from their underwriters Aviva??? I have sent SAR to both of them to see what that throws up
  3. No as Citi won't tell me as they are refusing to accept liability
  4. I am pulling my hair out. Looks like Citi have had enough of me pestering them and WONT explain why it has to go back to Welcome Finance but if I'm not happy (which I'm not) then I must go to FOS. This is what I was dreading as they know aswell as I do that FOS won't do anything as its before December 2001. I know exactly what Welcome finance will do now that it's been sent back to them, NOTHING!!!!!!!
  5. Well had a copy of letter from Citi today which they have sent to Welcome but doesn't explain why Welcome should look again at my complaint. I'm just thinking I may ask both Welcome and Citi for SAR as one of them must have more details or proof that they aren't liable for the mis sell of PPI
  6. So do you think it's Citi who are responsible as I haven't got a clue anymore. Citi are sending me letter they have sent to Welcome so I hope that may shed some light on it. I think I am stuffed as if it keeps dragging on then both will say go to FOS and as they both know as of 2001 neither of them were regulated so FOS won't do anything
  7. They are adamant that it's Welcome and not Citi who should deal with it
  8. Yeah I just think that Citi are dodging it. I was hoping somebody on here had heard of them referring Hire Purchase back to company they sold it too!!!!!
  9. Yes Alison I've done that, written to chief executive office. I have a phone number for Citi Ppi. They have been quite helpful but the dept you need doesn't take phone calls so they say BUT if you moan enough they will phone you back. I phoned Citi today and couldn't get much out of them except that from what I could piece together they are saying that as they sold the Hire Purchase and all the LIABILITIES to Welcome then it's down to them. Not convinced but the chap told me yesterday that this is the procedure they always do with Hire Pur
  10. No it doesn't that's what welcome says I should do. Ask Citi for underwriters details. Do you think that's the way to go
  11. Well that's the thing. Been onto FOS and been told that as sale took place 18/06/2001. Citi weren't regulated so they won't look at complaint and also welcome tell me that I can't claim via their underwriters as they didn't sell.my insurance. Has anybody heard of Citi rejecting a PPI complaint due to it being a Hire Purchase? ????
  12. I kept telling chap from Citi I can't understand why it's not their responsibility but he kept on about they don't do hire purchase ppi claims. I'm confused
  13. I just feel that as Citi sold me the policy it's down to them but the chap from ppi queries told me that as it's a Hire Purchase he is sure that Welcome are liable. Who do I believe
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