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  1. Hi I have received some N245 forms in the post. Does that sound about right? Thanks
  2. Yes I will of course. Said they'd be with me in a week or so. I'll get back in touch when they arrive Thanks
  3. A little update.... Rang the bailiff earlier today and explained the situation. He was very reasonable as you said he would be. The line was very bad and I missed most of what he said but he's sending me a form out and I'm quessing it'll be a suspension form. All being well they'll accept a certain amount per month and I can get this sorted. Thanks for all your help. It really is very much appreciated
  4. Just rang barclaycard and got this info. Default Balance - £3475.98 Last payment made to barclaycard - 19/12/2011 Default put in place - 26/9/2012 Debt sold to MKDP - 5/9/2013
  5. Thanks dx Your right! I once had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a council tax bailiff. Horrible people!! This barclaycard account was opened on 7/6/2005 I've found it impossible to find out when I last made any payments to them though. There's a good chance that I have made payments years ago to a DCA but I just can't remember that far back. You mentioned to follow the advice in post 5. I'm afraid I don't really understand what to do. Is it possible I could ring up one of two mobile numbers on the warrant and strike some kind of an arrangement with t
  6. Hi I'll ring barclaycard today and find out. I'll also get in touch with the bailiff at some point. I just hope they are not unreasonable. I've had a bad experience with a bailiff many moons ago so don't have much time for them. As for setting aside. I don't hold much hope with that as the debt is genuine and I do owe barclaycard the money. I just thought after no contact for 4/5 years they'd gone away!! Do you have any advice on what to say to the bailiff please? I'd be more than happy to set up some kind of monthly instalment but I've got a feeling that won't be an
  7. Hello all I have more information regarding the debt. I rang up Northampton county court and was told a ccj was put in place in March 2014. The original creditor is barclaycard. I have also been on experian to try to get more info on payments to barclaycard but it's not very clear when I made the last payment to them. It seems the debt has been sold on a few times. The default date stated on experian is 26/09/2012 Would it be an idea to contact the telephone numbers on the letter sent to me by Sheffield county court? Or am I best of ringing the local office number? I
  8. Hi On the 13th of September I received a 'notice of issue of warrant of control' from 'the county court at sheffield.' I have no idea where this debt has come from and have no idea who 'hoist portfolio' are. The amount in question is for £3,637.98. The letter states that if I don't make the full payment by the 24th of September bailiffs will call and remove goods. I work away most of the time and really don't want my family being hassled. This is really playing on my mind and any advice would be much appreciated.
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