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  1. Hi Guys I've been through ACAS early conciliation which was unsuccessful - basically went as follows - Completed early conciliation form online - Nothing happened for nearly 4 weeks - Contacted by case handler one day before conciliation was due to end asking for extension as company had only just instructed solicitors. - Case handler asked what I wanted as resolution - Case handler asked for clarification on a point regarding what I wanted as resolution - Last last days of extension from ACAS advising they'd received a response from respondent confirm they did not want
  2. Hi Guys I'm after a quick bit of advice regarding time scales for ET application after going through early conciliation. An incident happened at working on the 10th August 2016 for which I raised a grievance then appealed the grievance. I had the results of the appeal on 7th November 2016 for which I still do not agree. On the 8th of November I then submitted a request to ACAS for early concilliation which I'm told put a hold on the time given to apply for employment tribunal, which I believe is 3 months minus 1 day of the incident. Now as far as I understand A
  3. Hi I'm looking for some advice. I've been working for a large company for just over 7 year. 2 years after starting my employment I started a role which mean I undertook a highly technical role under secondment. The secondment had no end date but ended up lasting just over 2 years. This secondment was actually made permanent. The then permanent role actually meant we were doing a role above that for which other people were be paid a much higher salary. This had been argued by a particular union over many year but a number of us continued to be paid at a lower rate. Recently th
  4. Hi Guys Quick update! Received letter letter from Reston's today confirming they are discontinuing claim with a notice of discontinuance attached Thanks to everyone that helped me with this I really appreciate it
  5. Thanks andyorch ain't heard off them for months! That was my gut feeling there just chancing it
  6. New letter today received from Restons some months later (I'll scan it in later as not got access to a scanner at the moment) The gist of the letter is I've requested a copy of the consumer credit agreements for the loan and credit card. The letter from Reston's explains that as the debt they chasing is for a current account then it's not covered by the consumer credit act. The statement they have previously supplied clearly shows a loan and credit card and bank account were amalgamated into this "current account". I would never had agreed to this. The final p
  7. Thanks DX Sorry about starting a new thread. That was my gut feeling to do nothing. The fact is the majority of the money they are claiming is for a loan/CC covered under the CCA. They have not provided agreement for these elements and that the situation were in at the moment and the case has been stayed for 4+ months. Gnarl
  8. You need to put to together a budget and also ask about any energy trust you can apply for. Most of the energy companies have a trust which will award grants to help cover one of debt balances You could make them an offer. You would need to cover your ongoing consumption plus add an affordable additional amount to bring the debt balance down. It may be worth writing to the CEO and they will normally have complaints staff with more authority to agree a payment amount. They will normally offer prepayment as they will normally be able to spread the debt portion over a longer
  9. Hi Guys I'm looking for some advice I received a claim form in July and acknowledged service and sent of CPR/CCA requests. After many letters and information being exchanged it turns out the claim amount was for a credit card, loan and bank account that had been merged into one account. They still have not produced CCA's for the loan and credit card portion of the debt and these are the majority of the debt with the bank account be a very small amount in comparison. The last letter I sent them was that I would be defending the claim as in my opinion the debt wa
  10. Thanks I originally sent a CCA request when I received the claim form and they replied advising they could not send a copy of the CCA as it was for a bank current account. I'll just sit tight and see what happens Thanks Gnarl
  11. Hi I'm not 100% sure. My defence stated that I had no information regarding the account reference number in the POC. Restons have now confirmed that the account was charged off and tranferred to their debt collection dept and given a new account reference number. The overdraft I orginally had was a maximum £500 and the statement of account they have provided shows a balance of approx £400. There are 2 other transactions on the form one is a credit card balance and the other a loan balance transferred to the new account. It would seem they have transferred all debt ont
  12. Hi I've read through the thread and I'm still confused what I need to do in response to the letter from Restons. Do I just clarify my position and that I will not be withdrawing my defence and confirming as there letter now confirm that the debt was oringally composed of Bank Account, Loan and Credit card then I still request copies of the original CCA's? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi thanks for the reply More details below The particulars of the claim read Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance from the defendant under a contract between the defendant and HSBC Plc dated on or about the 27.01.2005 and assigned to the claimant on 20/2/2013 in the sum of £xxxx.xx 19.05.2014 default balance £xxxx.xx Defence I've submitted via MCOL 1. The Defendant avers that the Claimants pleadings are an abuse of process. The Claimants pleadings are lacking detail, there are no details as to what the debt relates excepting that the original d
  14. Hi Guys Im looking for some advice. I received a court claim from Northampton county court from Restons on behalf of Marlin. I completed the acknowledgement of service and request evidence from Restons which never came. I completed a defence based on I cant defend without see any evidence. The case is now stayed as reston's have not contacted the court. Reston's have now sent me a statement of account and it would seem the original lender has transferred the debt from a credit card, loan and current account into a seperate account and sold the debt. Restons have
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