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  1. I am pursuing my enquiries and this will take a while. I will let you all know once the matter has been resolved. Thanks for your replies.
  2. I paid by credit card via paypal with zero balance. You can see the signature if you type the tracking number on the Royal Mail tracking website. Someone else signed whilst my name was printed underneath. It took 8 days before I could get ebay to look into my case. No response from the seller. It was closed and I appealed about two days later(no response from the seller who restated the tracked delivery confirmation from the very beginning) At the same time it took about 10 days of me contacting Royal Mail and trying to get information and updates of the investigation to get to
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'll be considering those options now. I paid by paypal if you're wondering. In the summary given by the Royal Mail investigation, the delivery person wasn't 100% sure about where he had delivered the tracked package, so now I don't know if a delivery was even made. The seller also did practically nothing to help me find my item and ebay was so quick to come to a decision to close my appeal/case - literally within hours of me speaking to them on the phone about my appeal.
  4. Can anyone please give me any advice on what I should do? I placed an order for two items from an ebay seller that never arrived at my address. I asked for tracking info the day after the estimated delivery date and to my astonishment found that my order had allegedly been delivered the day before. I chased up Royal Mail and after two weeks investigating they told me my package got delivered to another address and signed for. No red delivery card was issued to my address on that day and when I went to the other address given to me they claimed that no one there had signed for my item
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