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  1. Re' your comments:- "Don't waste your time pursuing the Credit Reference Agencies. They are hugely powerful and they are generally Teflon. Hugely Powerful!.....they have a responsibility to the people they serve, they may serve a purpose for organisations offering credit facilites to consumers but when they get it wrong they need to be punished for it, for the stress, anxiety and sheer misery they deliver to inocent individuals lives....they have to pay the price! I will persue all those responsible and they will pay the price! When you have time, please read the following:-
  2. Thanks Bankfodder, The Culprit is SOUTHERN WATER, yes I am keeping email correspondence from them (although they have now gone quite on me, maybe they are seeking legal advice for their mistakes or just waiting for me to submit a compensation claim agianst them) I had a face to face meeting with them and they have admitted liability, however the time frame involved to get this CCJ removed from my data files held with various credit reference agencies is not showing in my favour. The time I am spemding to sort all of this out is esculating day by day, they wi
  3. Heres a load of good info on Understanding and what to do with CCJ's (County Court Judgements.....plenty of reading and worth the time:- www trustonline.org.uk/understand-judgments-fines
  4. yes noddle does give the CCJ number but does not name the issueing court. Hopefull some of the info' i provided was useful.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and quite rightfully the lovely lady at the brokerage advised my to check my credit report on line via a major name in the credit report game.. .either Equifax, Experian or Call Credit to name a few. What a shock I had....I discovered a CCJ planted against my name that: No 1: Does Not Belong To Me No 2: The CCJ is issued to an address that I have never lived at No 3: It is issued to somebody with the same name as me I quickly got to the bottom of where it came from and have had a face to face meeting with
  6. Hi this should be quite easy for your to resolve but may take a little leg work from you. On the your Noddle Credit Report there will be a Reference Number for the CCJ (make a note of that number) Now go onto a website operated by 'Registry Trust Limited' (trustonline . org . uk) . This company basically receives all the fresh CCJ's from various courts and feeds the information through to all major credit reference agencies..Namely Experian, Equifax and Call Credit ( for your information Noddle.co.uk is owned by Call Credit) Now navigate through trustonline.co.uk, enter your Fu
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