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  1. forgot to mention to keep copies of your letters you send to them. good luck, hope you have a favourable outcome.
  2. have you kept receipts for the extra costs you incurred and your receipt for the first recorded delivery you sent? if so , i think now would be the the time to send them a letter before action recorded delivery. i'm sure there will be some templates on how to write it correctly on here or you can find examples on the internet. explain in detail what happened, the extra costs incurred , a time limit , 14-28 days to reimburse you, or you will issue a claim in the county court for recovery of your costs and any extra costs involved. you will have to pay for making a claim , if you win hopefully the judge will award your costs back. or they might see sense and pay you before that happens.
  3. hello. i will give the short version of my problem, if you would like the full one, let me know okay, bought goods online from scan computers to build a complete gaming pc for my son. used finance company to buy them.(buy now pay 9 months) received everything on 8.10.2014 the motherboard was faulty, no usb ports would work, and that was the only problem. sent the motherboard back, told me it is damaged beyond repair, won't replace or refund, and literally told me to get stuffed. that's the short version. so who do i take to the county court, is it equal liability with the finance company and scan, just scan or the finance company. scan seem to think the sale of goods act don't apply to them, finance company said they will investigate it, which will probably take a while. with the evidence i have got, i believe i would stand a very good chance in court. for example, i have an email saying they were going to replace/refund and this had been authorised. i have one guy admitting in a email that he changed the reason for return to "no display" and said i did not tell them about the usb ports. saying it's irrelevant that he did that, well i think it is relevant. also i have proof the communication i sent them states that the only problem was the usb ports and that everything else worked fine. so, do i wait for the finance company to contact me before i issue a letter before action. they sent the board back, i was going to refuse it but thought better not, it actually might belong to the finance company. any advice would be appreciated on this matter, and thanks for reading.
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