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  1. Yes there is. On the back of her UK license there is a table of vehicles. B and B1 Vehicles have the date of 04.04.03 which is when she passed her test in Poland.
  2. "full EC/EEA licence". From above. Polish or UK is fine it seems?
  3. Yeah but that contradicts other sources. Like this for example, from a .gov page. Learners driving a car MUST hold a valid provisional licence. They MUST be supervised by someone at least 21 years old who holds a full EC/EEA licence for that type of car (automatic or manual) and has held one for at least three years. Laws MV(DL)R reg 16 & RTA 1988 sect 87
  4. Hi, My girlfriend is Polish and she has held a full driving license for 11 years. However she has only transferred her license to the UK very recently and now has a full uk license. On the government website it says you can accompany a learner driver if they "have had (and still have) a full licence in the same category as the vehicle you’re driving, for 3 years" But another site says, Q: My supervising driver has lost or misplaced their licence, can I still drive on a provisional licence with them sitting next to me if insured on the car? A: As long as you
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