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  1. cheers guys....... i will get a letter sent to them asap and see what they have to say....... it just really annoys me as i know i left germany with no debts........ i was still in germany for a further 2 years after paying off my loan so i have no idea where this has come from....
  2. i have received a letter from interum justitia saying that i owe just short of 4000euros to citibank in germany...... now i did have a loan off citibank whist i was living in germany but i fully repaid this this via direct debit and finished paying this loan off around 14 years ago......... i have told the debt collection company this and they say they are getting some paperwork from citibank to pass on to me...... i have emailed my old bank in germany who say they only keep account info for 10 years so i cant prove that i have paid......any advice what i can do?
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