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  1. In some ways that's understandable no one wants to risk losing money. But my thinking is that if someone is a theif no matter their financial position they are gonna steal. If credit checks actually are there to reduce the likelihood of theft they would conduct them continuously with the staff that deal with money, but they don't because it's obvious there's not really a link between stealing from tills and having a bit of debt
  2. I have read a bit into credit checking and it seems apparent to me now that it is very clearly do to with my credit score. And no I was not aware of it being undertaken until I got to the next stage of the interview process
  3. I was going for an administration job and reached the second stage of the recruitment/interview process, when the company suddenly turned around and stated that I would have to undergo a credit check. I have been having a few debt problems on the count of my recent divorce from my ex-partner and had to take out a myriad of loans to keep my family home with 2 young children from going under. The company realised my bad credit score and in the end did not offer me the job because of it. I am struggling to pay my rent on the low income job that I am currently doing which I have been in for the last 5 years.... it's not enough and then when there is a glimmer of hope, it got taken away just like that due to a credit check! So I am desperate to know what other people's experiences with this kind of issue has been and the methods you have taken to move past this. How has this affected you? Because quite frankly, it's affected me and the up keep of my children badly....
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