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  1. Thankyou for your reply, and wel done on the win! the following link to my thread on here .. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?439121-new-to-reclaiming-BrightHouse-Charges-and-OSC-DLC would you mind reading through it? i am at a stand still with it, as dont knnow what to do next, basically FOS wouldnt take on my claim and i dont know what to do next
  2. . i did ask here on my thread i documented every step i took? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?439121-new-to-reclaiming-BrightHouse-Charges-and-OSC-DLC&p=4729134#post4729134 have i missed something, as no one said I was just being fobbed off at the time:?:
  3. mpenn, am i reading correctly, that the financial ombudsman accepted your claim for refund of OSC and DLC from Brighthouse, and that it was upheld and Brighthouse are refunding? I ask because I sent my spread sheets to Them at the beginning of the year and recieved a letter back stating that brighthouse isnt covered by them and they could not look at my claim,
  4. http://www.appgdebt.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/BrightHouse-APPG-submission.pdf this one is brighthouse submission to questions put to them by APPG for the enquiry thier replys are 'interesting'! especially ... Q: What proportion of goods are seized and resold?  None, goods are never seized. Goods are only ever taken by us from a customer’s home when they choose to voluntarily surrender items, and after all other options have been explored and exhausted.
  5. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/feb/10/rent-to-own-firms-ripping-off-customers-say-mps quote from this article MPs called on the FCA to ban compulsory insurances, review the possible mis-selling of insurance and introduce “health warnings” to ensure customers were aware of the total cost of RTO agreements and the risks of repossession. might be worth my waiting and see what happens with this.. http://www.appgdebt.org/inquiry/ this article contains a link to the report from the enquiry, time for the regulators to make the miss selling of OSC and DLC official
  6. can anyone explain what this means please, and what i can do next? thankyou
  7. Received letter back for FOS today... 'we deal with a wide range of complaints about financial services- but unfortunately, from the issues you've raised, it doesn't look like your complaint is something we would look into. This is because the business you have complained about isn't covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service as there is no regulated activity provided prior to 1 April 2014'
  8. i should point it out in my letter to FOS? so far on the complaint form i have written this.. I took out numerous agreements with Brighthouse over a 16 year period 1999-2013. I was told i would have to take OSC and DLC if i wanted to take my items home. i believe i have been mis-sold both of these insurances, as 16 years later i have been informed via media, that i was given misleading information to force me into taking OSC, and failed to inform me that if i had my own home contents insurance i would not need Brighthouses Damage Liability Cover. Brighthouses excuse for not giving me the correct information is that i never asked to speak to a Manager, who could of helped me. I had no knowledge of this, which is obvious from the fact that i paid for OSC and DLC on no fewer than 40 agreements in my time as a Brighthouse customer, and could of saved myself a good sum of money otherwise. Optional Service Cover and Damage Liability Cover are not fully explained in any of the agreements, although in the explanatory notes it does state 'if you fail to pay any Optional Service Cover amount or DLC premium on the due date for its payment, the relevent contract will lapse, and in the case of the DLC , you may be in breach of your obligation' to me, this reads 'you must pay Optional Service Cover and DLC or you are in breach of agreement? Optional Service Cover is an insurance against breakdown, although goods would be covered under the sale of goods act anyway, during the time it took me to pay for them (most items 156 weeks) Damage Liability Cover is insurance against Damage/Loss, which had i been informed i could of used my own house insurance at a much cheaper cost.
  9. looking through all my old agreements and can not find a full explanation of OSC and DLC anywhere, although in ,explanatory notes, it does state this.. 'If you fail to pay any Optional Service Cover amount or DLC premium on the due date for its payment, the relevant contract will lapse and, in the case of DLC you may be in breach of your obligation under clause 8(b) unless the goods are otherwise insured against fire,theft and accidental damage' i think i can translate this into Brighthouse store staff lingo.. you have to have it, you have to pay it, or you will breach your contract.. am i missing something?
  10. quote from oxford dictionary ... mis-sell.. Sell (something) to a customer on the basis of misleading advice so yes i signed the paperwork because i was told i HAD TO have insurances if i wanted my goods to find out 16 years down the line that IF i had spoken to a manager i could of had it [osc] removed, (this i wasnt informed of at the time) i would say i have been misled
  11. THE LETTER FINALLY ARRIVED! Further to your letter dated 5th February 2015, we have fully investigated your complaint regarding the insurances on your account and decided not to uphold your complaint. We have summarized below the findings from our investigation. Since you became a customer on 16 December 1999 you have had numerous credit agreements with us, you have on all occasions signed for the Optional Service Cover(OSC) and Damage Liability Cover (DLC) when it has been available. The OSC has been used in the past on more than one occasion with the repair of both the washing machine and more than one television and a loaner was provided at these times. The option to return your LG 47" television was used which is also covered under the OSC. The OSC can be withdrawn from any agreement with just 7 days notice. During the time you have been a customer of Brighthouse, the Manager and Deputy Manager have never been approached to question the removal or the need for the covers you are requesting the refund of. In regards to the mis-selling of the DLC, all customer would need to provide proof of home contents insurance in order for this to not be added, as we need to protect our products while they are in the customers possession. Your local store did not see proof that you had your own insurance and therefore added it to all agreements which again were signed while you were in store. If you wish to see copies of the agreement from 1999, the store will be more than happy to provide you with one. To conclude: You have been through our standard sign up process You have signed for the credit agreements and separately for the OSC and DLC initialled the explanitory notes We have found no records to show that you have queried these covers prior to your complaint Therefore, we find no evidence of mis-selling OSC and DLC. If you are able to provide more evidence to support your allegation to being mis-sold both insurances, we will be happy to investigate further. Please note that under the terms of our Complaints Procedure, this is our final response. If you are dissatisfied with our final decision, you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You need to do this within 6 months from the date of this letter . The six months expires on the 12 August 2015. For more information please read the enclosed guide 'Your Complaint to the Ombudsman'. The address of the Financial Ombudsman Service is: Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower London E14 9SR If you would like any other Help or information, please call us on 0800 526069 We are sorry for the inconvenience we may of caused you and hope the points above are helpful in showing how we have reached this decision. Yours sincerely Allen Simmons Customer Relations Representative Encs: FOS explanatory leaflet 'your complaint and the ombudsman' (there is no leaflet enclosed) i was supposedly sent this letter originally on 12th February, i have now 'lost' nearly 2 of those 6 months given for contacting the ombudsman
  12. i will do, sabresheep. im keeping you all informed every step of the way and hoping it will help others in the same situation
  13. Thankyou Jason, i will look out for its arrival in the next few days, what a good job i wrote on here or i would never of known about it
  14. i have not 'contacted you' before? also i have not recieved any letters from brighthouse dated 12th Feb or other? may i suggest recorded delivery and then i can be sure of it reaching me, thanks
  15. quick catch up.. brighthouse now have 10 days left of the 8 weeks allowed for a reply, surely they dont count THAT phone call as a response. . looks like i'll be sending the papers to FOS
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