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  1. Once again thank you. Not sure if I paid PPI all I know is that interest stopped going on the card balance in 2007. all I really want now is to clear that debt up even at a reduced amount in the hope that my current credit rating will not affect me renting a house. I'm still not sure if anyone can call up a credit rating in England about me as I've not had an English address for over 10 years which is the reason I've asked here. Need some address to go on the Equifax form and none available for me at this period of time.
  2. Thank you for your advice. But unfortunately I don't have time to write before I expect to return to the UK and get their replies back, hence trying to get it on line. Though I have just 'phoned Barclaycard and they have given me a settlement figure verbally and will not put it in writing..... I was told that paying a percentage of the full balance will effect my credit score in future, but at the moment it's classed as a default. Which is worse a default on my credit rating or that it shows up as a partial payment ? Sorry to ask but now truly baffled. Thanks again
  3. Hello, I have been a member of this group for several years but change of pc's, email addresses and loss of passwords has forced me to re join. So a question on the very first post...I apologise ! I have lived in France for the past 10 years now need to return to England for personal reasons. I want to check my credit score but need to provide an English address to do so which I don't have. I know I have a Barclaycard account in arrears but have not received a statement from them since September 2007 but have continued to pay a small amount each mo
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