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  1. So would that be in accordance with the Data Protection Act or anything? But can't retailers signed up with RLP see this database thing if they request to, regardless of convictions or anything?
  2. No, this is what the security staff said to me, in a VERY intimidating manner might I add. I haven't received a letter from RLP yet. They said I should expect it in three weeks. Is there a chance they won't even submit the report to RLP? And if they do would they dispose of the copy of my driving licence afterwards or hold on to it?
  3. Thank you for your advice so far but I still have a quick couple of questions: I was told that if I paid the fine then Primark would throw away the copy of my provisional driving licence that they have. I read on another post that they are apparently aren't even allowed by law to make a copy and keep hold of official documents like that. In addition they said that if I don't pay they will take me to court and my details will be passed on to immigration and border control across the EU and they could pursue me in order to pay this fine, but apparently by law they can't pass on any of my de
  4. The ones I go to usually are about an hour/hour and a half away on the bus from the one I'm specifying but there's also another one down the road from there that I go to sometimes so I won't be going there for a while.
  5. Hmm fair enough, I just don't want there to be a risk of them passing it on to RLP or the image being held by security in other branches causing inconvenience if I enter another store that isn't in the same area, especially if I'm with a friend. Maybe the fact that I change up my hairstyle a lot might help lol. And my details too, what would Primark and RLP do with them if they don't hear from me? Would any of the store employees be made aware of specific people to look out for as well? There's a girl I used to go to school with that works at that particular store where it happened, and she ha
  6. Argh ffs, just an inconvenice! I just don't want to be made to feel on edge, that's all. Also I wanted to know if Primark and RLP will get rid of my image and details after a certain period of time?
  7. So how long will everything go on for, stage-wise and overall? Thanks for the advice, it's appreciated muchly Also I wanted to know if Primark and RLP will get rid of my image and details after a certain period of time?
  8. So the longer they leave it, the less chance there would be of them trying to take me to court? And in the event that they did, would I have to be physically there or what? What would happen? I shall definitely do that as I need the letters to be dissected so I know what to do next.
  9. I was concerned that they would get back to Primark who might choose to prosecute if they don't get some sort of compensation from me through RLP. The male staff there seemed pretty greedy and would be very happy to get a Christmas bonus. Any info on the 'stages' of RLP's correspondence? And how long approximately would this go on for?
  10. Hi all, I got into a bit of a scrape with Primark (don't laugh) yesterday (23rd October 2014) when I tried to shoplift a couple of shirts that came up to the cost of £26. I was escorted down to a detention room where I was spoken to and my provisional driving licence was photocopied and after a few words I was given a piece of paper stating what the costs of my anticipated 'fine' from this notorious company called RLP will cover. They saw other shirts that I had purchased from another branch along with the receipt which came to the total of £42.90, but that didn't stop them from telling m
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