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  1. I have recieved a final notice letter from merton bailiff enforcement officer asking me to pay £310 . I have already paid the council, all i owed them. please someone advice, What do i do ?
  2. No, but I have been out of work for a long time only just started working recently.
  3. Please somebody advice, can the council tax be transfered to the Sutton council tax team because i don't want to deal with the bailiff at the moment.
  4. Thanks for your reply Sutton council tax that was passed onto Merton Bailiff. I made the arrangement because I received a letter of enforcement from the Merton bailiff towards the end of August that I have outstanding council tax that was passed to them that if I don't enter an payment agreement plan they will visit my property. No bailiff has not been into the house
  5. PCN and Liability order, that's how it is written on the break down charges left by the bailiff through my letter box. and the original fee owed to the council is £237.
  6. At the beginning of September. I was suppose to pay £44 at the end of the month (September) but I just couldn't afford it
  7. I received an enforcement letter yesterday from Merton Council bailiff after I mixed an installment payment of £44 which I was suppose to pay at the end of September. PCN/Liability order £237, Admin fees £75, Attendance costs £235, Total £547 . The previous amount I was to pay is £237 but now it has increased to £547.
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