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  1. Hi all Just a quick update, Marstons have agreed to return the fine to the courts for redetermination, will keep you posted of the outcome , but a big thank you to CAG and a certain person, (she knows who she is), who has been an amazing help.
  2. Mr McG is not open to negotiation, he has made that perfectly clear with his threats and intimidation tactics. Moreover Ploddertom messaged me stating Marstons Vulnerable team had contacted & taken interest in the case, after seeing it on this forum, (Tom searching out additional info so am waiting his reply), however the front line staff at Marstons have pointblank refused to let me speak to them.
  3. My wife & I separated for a period of time, and I recently moved back in to Her new home. I purchased none of the goods, hence property is hers and the childrens.
  4. Additionally, I forgot to mention Mr McG, was also adamant that he could seize third party items as well. The fine is in my name and my name only, and my home is in my wifes name and her name only, as are the majority of the possessions in it. I pay the bills, my wife purchases any goods for the house, so all receipts & hp is all in her name. Can he seize third party goods? I thought a bailiff couldn't.
  5. Quick update. Have been given the runaround by HMCTS, each department passing the buck to another, finally contacted the Court where the fine originated from, who eventually got back to me yesterday stating that I need to apply to my local magistrates court for a redetermination, (the original court I asked about 3 weeks ago, who directed me to HMCTS!), It seems the courts, or their staff, are either unaware of Redetermination or just don't like it. However, Mr Mc Govern, contacted this evening, (note, Friday, were little help is available being the weekend), stating he was call to enforce the warrant. Once again reason seems to escape this man, going as far as to tell a mentally ill disabled woman, "he'll be round this evening and will break the door down, if necessary". My wife is now in mental melt down. Tried to speak to Marstons HO and their "Vulnerable team", but was refused to be put through to them by the call centre staff, who also refused when I requested to speak to a supervisor. (Formal complaint & letter to MP's over the weekend). If I can hold Mr McGovern at bay,I'll be attending my local magistrates first thing Monday morning and not moving until I get a redetermination. But still have the weekend yet to contend with in the meantime. Any advice, as trying hard to fight, but the system is now so stacked against the little man!.
  6. Like the majority of Enforcement Agents they're paid by how much they collect, the more they collect, the more they get paid, so it's in their interests to get as much out of a case as they can.
  7. Hi, I'm not sure how correct this information is, hopefully someone with more knowledge will advise, but this happened to a family friend a couple of months ago. They resolved the issue by contacting the TV licence directly explaining her financial situation, and they arranged for her case to be heard at a local court the following day, and she was able to set up a repayment plan. Maybe worth a try.
  8. Yes I've gathered he feels his warrant gives him Demi-God status over all things, so am being very very cautious. I am expecting him back at some point though, he seems the type, though I think the PACE order on the property has thrown him a little.
  9. The visit in August was when the bailiff recognised the problems and difficulty in enforcing the warrant and he said he was going to return it as "uncollectable/unenforceable". But it appears it was just left with Marstons and not returned. I have been contacting HMCTS to find out if the warrant had been returned in order to reinstate my original agreement, but this time paying by DD rather than over the counter at the PO, and each time i called HMCTS they said it hadn't arrived so couldnt set up new plan until it did. No payments were made, as HMCTS made it clear payments to Marstons would mean acceptance of their fees and all other charges, and as stated Marstons were not after installments, but the whole amount. Mr Mcgovern was made very aware of my wifes disability, however said he'd could take the car on which she relies as it's not a mobility car, so was fair game. even though the vehicle has disabled taxation class. The last payment was in April 2014, it was the May's payment I missed, and by the time I remembered to pay and contacted HMCTS at the beginning of June, they wouldn't accept payment, (even though I offered two months to catch up), stating it had been put out to collections and I had to wait til contacted by the collection agency. hope this helps NB just reading some further post on this site re: Vulnerable Households, and wondering as My wife is physicaly disabled and suffers from ongoing severe mental health problems would my household be deemed vulnerable?
  10. Agree, looks like a 23 mile trip to my nearest magistrates tomorrow, but am concerned how courts are increasingly abdicating responsibility to these legalised thugs.
  11. That is what I asked for, and they said it's with Marstons, there's nothing they can do, but am thinking I may be better off attending the court in person and ask to see the clerk of the court maybe?
  12. Contacted Court fine dept, who said nope, I have to deal with Marstons they will not take it back, even though they appear to have not looked at the facts of the case. Now what do I do?
  13. I sent all relevant document with my application to suspend warrant, including Financial breakdown of income and outgoings, (pretty bleak reading that one was), but HMCTS said the forms were the wrong one's civil not criminal and that the warrant could not be suspended.
  14. I was paying back a fine for driving without insurance at £20.00, however, due to a number of family issues, my wife's deteriorating mental and physical health, my 19 yr old stepson suffering two strokes and being on police bail now for almost three years, so unable to work, I missed a payment in May. and the fine was put out to Marstons. I was visited by a bailiff in August, who noted my financial situation and that all of our property is still subject to a PACE order, (Crown Court criminal case still ongoing), and was to return the fine to HMCTS as uncollectable? Last week a delightful Mr McGovern called demanding with menace, the sum of £520. (the original debt was down to around £210), refusing any negotiations whatsoever. I lodge a suspension of the warrant only to contacted HMCTS who state that the forms are only for civil cases and that I will have to deal with Marstons direct. What else can I do now?, I'm broke, have a disabled wive, three children, reliant on benefits and can't work to get out of the situation. I contacted my solicitor who stated that the PACE order overrides all other court orders, but Mr McGovern believes otherwise. What forms do I need to complete for a magistrates Fine? Thank you in advance. NB the no insurance occurred when automatic policy renewal failed and my policy lapsed two days prior to being stopped. Car was taxed & Mot'd
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