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  1. Thanks for responding. Charging order was in 2006, and no CCJ beforehand as far as I can remember, but I will check my documents. My question was based around the legalities of being able to enforce the CO, when Direct Line (RBS) do not hold the debt anymore. When we hear the term, "Your debt has been sold on", does this really mean that the original debtor has nothing to do with the collection of the debt anymore. If so, I am inclined to try to get the CO removed if I can. Thanks for responding to my issue.
  2. Hi all, Defaulted on a Direct Line loan some years ago and after dealing with CCCS, I have been paying off a manageable amount back. Direct Line put a charging order on my house to secure the debt, should I choose to ever sell my house. After many years of paying monthly via CCCS and the debt being sold on at least twice, if not three times, I am now contemplating selling my house. My question is this, if I now sell my house, will the solicitors just pay the charging order for the outstanding money to Direct Line regardless or will the fact that the debt has been sold on, now mean that they cannot pay it to Direct Line and nor can they give it to the company that bought the debt as the charging order is not in their name ?
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