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  1. Thanks, will do! will let you know how I get on, and should I still ask for a SAR?
  2. There seems to be some grey areas with the Rankine v American Express finding, I am not sure what to do next, should I go for an SAR to see what they have on file as they seem to be implying that they do not have the account anymore, but it is Tesco that are harassing me, even though they have now agreed to accept my offer of £10.00 per month which I can ill afford, they have now started ringing me again, twice this evening, once yesterday, I do not answer their calls but I have put their name on my phone so I know its them. Advice would be appreciated.
  3. Here is the letter, I apologise for the quality, if any problems I will do again tomorrow after changing toner.[ATTACH=CONFIG]54586[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi Guys, I know it has been a while but I did send 1 £1.00 postal order to Tesco for a CCA, I have just had the £1.00 postal returned along with a letter stating: Consumer Credit Act 1974, then my name, followed by: Thank you for your requesting personal data held by Tesco bank. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide the information requested as the account is now closed. Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Sections 78 we have a duty to give information only to a debtor under a running-account credit agreement. We have enclosed the cheque provided with your request. you have any questions, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to help. So now what do I do as I cannot obtain the information I have requested, the account is still with Tesco and not a DCA, why are they saying the account is closed? I look forward to your reply!
  5. Ok, I will try this, I did fill out the form and it actually said I should be paying less to each of my four creditors than I am, Tesco's was only to receive 4.00 per month and I am currently paying them 10.00 and I have been completely honest on the form and can prove everything, I did try to save it and download it but for some reason it did not work, I will now have to attempt it again tomorrow as running out of time now, Tesco's have just rang me again, I did not answer but have saved their number into my phone so I know its them.
  6. It is an option, but it appears that I have a choice whether to declare it or not, they state that declaring it shows that at least I have considered the option, there is now way I would consider selling my house that I have worked hard for to clear this matter up, so by not showing it on the form I would assume that it would mean to me this is not an option?
  7. I have gone onto the National Debt Line and part of the form asks about your assets, property, I do have a house with equity in it but I do not want to thave to sell my house to pay off this debt!, what do I put down please? my mortgage is approx 180k, my house value would be approx 260k, this is how the section on the form is : Assets are things like savings or the value of property, such as your home or car. Creditors will not usually expect you to sell these to pay off your debts but it is a good idea to show that you have at least considered whether this is an option. By clicking yes here, you are confirming that you have no assets that you can sell to make lump-sum payments to pay off your debts. This statement will appear on your budget. If you are thinking about using any of your assets to pay off your debts, you may have other options. Contact us for advice. Your assets I confirm that I have no assets that I can use to make lump-sum payment (then tick which of the boxes you decide, yes, this is true or: No, this is not true)
  8. Thank you Stigman and dx100 for your replies, much appreciated, apologies for late reply but there was a power cut in my village last night and then the internet was down until today. The credit card with Tesco's goes back years, maybe ten, twelve or more, the debt is still with them, they have not yet passed it on to a DCA, I have found that Tesco's like dealing with their own debt collection and tend to be bully boys when going about this kind of business, I do speak from experience as having been involved with commercial debt for over forty years and even having Tesco's as one of the customers I used to chase for payment for a company I then worked for, they did in fact overpay by over 20k on their account and to the day I left that company some years after they overpaid, they never discovered this over payment so in my opinion they do not seem to know what they are doing on the other side of the coin. Stigman, I note that you say that if Tesco's ever went to court I could then produce an income/expenditure form, should I not do that now to demonstrate what I have told them is the truth or is it best to wait? I have all the statements and payment receipts and correspondence including their declining my offer of settlement of 20% of the debt the balance to written off, in all my years experience in credit control I only ever chased B2B, I really could not do debt collection of private individuals, since losing my career I have seen a very dark side to consumer debt collection and it takes a certain individual to keep hounding the life out of people, I appreciate that some can pay but don't want to etc, but for those of us that truly cannot afford to clear their debts life becomes a living nightmare with no end in sight, I just barely get from day to day now, there is nothing to look forward to any more, my treats are now down to where I can save the most money on value meals etc, and for sure I never venture into Tesco's anymore! I will do the CCA and I will send it recorded and will let you know what happens, and thank you guys for your help it is much appreciated and has made me feel a little better today than I have for a while. I have managed to copy the letter received from Tesco's yesterday and will try to attach it.
  9. I am hoping for some sound advice please as I am going through a continued difficult time since losing my job five years ago and finding myself out of work for the first time in 38 years, luckily I managed to get a job two years ago but it is only part time (14 days a month) and just about covers my essential bills, mortgage, gas/electric, fares, council tax, tv, broadband + phone, I do need my broad band and phone as when I am not at my part time job I am still trying to get full time work although as now approaching sixty am finding it almost impossible, the tv is the only entertainment I have as I cannot afford to go out or on holiday etc, I then have enough money left over for food and any extra's and this amounts to around thirty pounds a week, I have so little that I cannot even afford to get a tooth filled that broke several months ago (sorry to be so open but this is how it is). When I lost my job due to redundancy five years ago, I owed some credit cards, Tesco's being one of them, the debt is large at approx 8k, this is not the sum as I do not want to give too much away on here so as not to be identified, whilst on job seekers Tesco's accepted a pound a month as that was then all I could afford, once I was in work I then paid them five pounds per month, this is along with three other companies that I pay the same amount to, so altogether 20.00 per month on my debts, they have recently been demanding that I pay more, I have said that I cannot afford more and ended the phone conversation as they were asking for proof of my income and expenditure and I said I could not pay more and there was no point in discussing further, I then received persistent phone calls from them most evenings which I do not answer, they wrote to me demanding more money and threatening further action I wrote and offered ten ponds, I stated that is the best I could do, this was last week, they have now sent me another demand, I would think sent the same day they would have received my letter, they have not acknowledged my letter in their letter in any way, I did not send it recorded as I could not afford to, I do have a copy, the latest demand is a dunning letter stating that they are now considering legal action against me, I am now quite worried as they state that they may serve a to my employers to force them to take money out of my earnings and pay Tesco's directly (I really am worried about this as I am already down to the most I can pay out and if anything is taken out of my earnings I don't think I can carry on) they are also saying that if I am a home owner they may ask the court for a charging order over my house! I did offer Tesco's a settlement figure out of my redundancy five years ago but they refused it and I now have no money left, all my savings went on keeping me afloat until I found employment again. I am sorry this is so long but I have no one to discuss this with, I am very ashamed and upset about my situation and now this is making me feel unwell. I have tried to attach a copy of the letter received today but failed, will keep trying but would really appreciate any advice please.
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