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  1. we just had an outside flap, no bristles or back flap on inside .so letters can just fall through the door. if she lift flap with 1 hand and posted with other hand she would have seen dog as would be facing square on. ibelieve she lifted flap with 1 hand and pushed letter through with same hand reason for fingers through door.

    we have spoken to other posties and they have said they are told repeatedly not to put fingers through door not just because of dogs but also spring loaded back flaps catching and cutting there fingers.

  2. we are sorry for what has happened and understand the troubles of posties.my dog was contained ,and was behind a door..it had 9 clear glass panels it was 3pm so wasnt dark.

    she would have seen our dog if she was paying attention.

    this happened i november last year before new legislation.

  3. this was the run of the mill phone calls.i got through to them and a lady took details and said she pass on to legal team.

    about ten minutes later a lady who then said she was from the solicitors acting on behalf of insurance.

    listened to story and said we wasn't covered.didnt say why..

    we've since written to insurance,still haven't heard from them yet.. sent letter from posties sollicitors.

  4. that is a good idea rebel11 ,as when they say she has been fully trained .she wont be able to deny anything.

    we have complained to royal mail,because few weeks later from the incident.

    my wife was walking our dog (with a friend who was walking her dogs) when they came across the post women.

    my dog started to bark ,so my wife moved into the middle of the road and got my dog to sit by her side.so the post women could pass.

    the postie then says is that rover to which my wife replied yes.

    she then came up to my wife and verbally assaulted her and poking her finger towards her face,whilst my dog was sat by my wife(2nd act of negligence for her own health&safety.)

    she came home and reported it to customer complaint in floods of tears (the postie is an ex rugby player so quite intimidating ).

    i think because she was trying to explain the whole situation whilst crying. we got a letter apologizing about something else.

    she has since complained to complaints dept but didnt include witness statement.they interviewed postie who totally denied any knowledge of incident.

    so they say there is a dispute in facts ,and arent willing to investigate any more .if we want to pursue we need to take legal advise.

  5. i initially denied all liability and said i wasnt taking legal advise until i knew there full intention .as i sent pictures and a letter explaining why i felt her neglegent (to the legal team of the union).

    that is when they passed it on to there solicitors. they advised me to my statement i was waiting to hear there intention,that they were going forward with civil court actions.

    so i think it is probably the union paying for the solicitors,so have a large pot of money and a want to prove how they look after there members.

  6. they have said the claim will be brought under the common law rules and also under the dangerous dogs act.

    and say there has been past problems,no one has ever notified us of any problems.

    i have sent a letter to manager requesting the information in there incident books etc.

    they haven't given any details of what there claiming for ie loss of earnings etc

    thank you steampowered

  7. a friend recommended me to this site,after hearing my predicament.

    about a year ago myself and my wife had just got back from walking the dog aprox 3pm.

    we put him in passage way to eat his food,the passage is about 6ft wide and 10ft long.

    sealed at both ends with external doors.as we dont have a letter box on our front door,the post woman posted the letter through that door and my dog bit her finger.

    the door is wood up to letter box then has nine CLEAR glass pannels. the letter box is just a letter flap on outside,no bristles or back flap on inside so no resistance.

    we brought her in and cleaned and dressed wound and offered to take her to hospital.

    while treating the wound my wife asked why she had put her fingers throu

    gh box,she said she was fiddling with letters and not concentrating.which of course is not what she says now,but i beleive to be true.or whilst liffting the flap with 1 hand and posting with other she would have seen dog through class.

    she needed a couple of stitches in her finger,she says dog pulled letter and her fingers through letter box and bit finger.

    the union then sent a letter putting a claaim for compensation.i sent pics of door also letter box and pointed out i felt it was her neglect of health and safety she got bitten.

    they then passed it to there solicitors,it went quiet for months. but now recieved a letter saying they're going to proceed with civil court action for compensation. not sure if insurance covers us and i cant afford lots of solicitors fees.

    C.A.B said she was on our property the dog was contained it down to her.

    please help..

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